Gacha skill – Chapter 28

Today’s chapter is done! Time for some sleep. …I don’t really have anything else to say right now, so just look forward to the next next chapter being from the pov of the last individual. Last one of their pov’s I see in the toc, so I wonder what will be happening with them.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

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Edit: I’ve uh… temporarily class changed back into reader so I’ve put this project to the side for a bit. I’ll come back to it with the next release on my birthday when June starts. For now though I’m really really really obsessed with rom com stories so forgive my delay here.

Gacha skill – Chapter 27

お久しぶりですね。Well I’m back again. Ended up playing Atelier Ryza 1/2 every night instead of translating… Feel free to send me a message if I drop off for a bit, I get distracted easily. In other news, I finally got my covid vaccine so that’s fun. Still need to wait for shot 2 though, so it might be a bit before I can finally get back to normal things like eating all-you-can-eat sushi, or eating all-you-can-eat fish and chips, or eating all-you-can-eat Chinese food. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting to eat good food again after all this time.

Here’s the chapter!

Oh right, the original reason I disappeared for a bit was that I was reading through this novel instead of translating: Karada Wa Jidou, Nakami Wa Ossan No Nariagari Boukenki

Gacha skill – Chapter 26

Looks like this is getting pretty close to being on 1000 reading lists, so that’s pretty cool. Hope you guys are enjoying this story. It seems to be pretty slow paced, yet also fast paced in a way. Additionally, I think we’re pretty much at the exact same time of year as the MC is in the story, so that’s pretty fun.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

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Gacha skill – Chapter 25

Oop, that was a bit of a break suddenly huh. I’ve been feeling pretty tired all weekend and just didn’t feel like translating. Ah well, 8 more chapters till the end of the first volume. I kinda want to finish that much this week, but also I can’t promise anything since I’m too lazy.

Well, here’s the chapter!

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Gacha skill – Chapter 24

Alright, here’s the chapter for today. Yesterday was pretty good I think. I got to see all sorts of numbers going up, and that was pretty satisfying. I’m tired now though so I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

(Only 9 more chapters in volume 1)

Edit: I’m feeling sleepy so I’ll go to bed for now and then probably do the next chapter Edit 2: on Monday. Gonna get the rest of the volume done this week at least.