Renkinjutsushi desu. Jijou wa gomibako ni sutete kimashita


I am an S ranked adventurer and for certain reasons am travelling with a certain alchemist. However, this alchemist is quite strange. In his spare time, he can make the highest grade potion called an elixir, and can complete a holy sword overnight. I want him to remember to be responsible. I want him to watch his health… stop drinking elixirs like they’re energy drinks!

This is the story of the weird alchemist who doesn’t know restraint and the adventurer who tags along with him.



Chapter 1 – 『The Collapsed Alchemist』

Chapter 2 – 『At the Adventurers Guild』

Chapter 3 – 『Unsuitable Little Sister』

Chapter 4 – 『Potion Making』

Chapter 5 – 『Being an Adventurer isn’t bad Either』

Chapter 6 – 『Doing the Request as Asked』