Alright, so I’m just translating purely to get better at Japanese. I don’t have any set schedule (although you should be able to predict when a new chapter will come out after seeing my habits for a few weeks) and I will just be posting a chapter whenever I get it done. This translation is done through the use of a chrome extension called ‘rikai-kun’ (something like a dictionary that brings up the definition of the words I mouse over), as well as google translate in case my mind get’s really fried. The accuracy is probably not the greatest, but I go over everything several times to confirm that it makes sense at least within the immediate context. If you see any continuity errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them after I get to a decent place to stop and re-edit some of the earlier chapters (because the goal of this is to improve, so I will be getting better at this as I go on).

The novel is something I found when looking on TUEEE.net, some website I found when googling ‘TUEEE’ because I still don’t know what it stands for. I think it means something like “becoming overpowered in another world” or something because that’s the only context I’ve seen it in.

Anyways, feel free to contact me whenever. I’ve yet to see the contact page used, so I’m curious as to what it does actually. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, find me on NUF, and PM me or something.

 PS: If you noticed that I haven’t posted recently, I’ve now gotten a job and can’t seem to find the time to finish off the last little bit of chapter 4. I don’t mind if anyone else picks this up, I also am interested in reading it. I just don’t have much time anymore.