Gacha skill – Chapter 22

Alright, so I did this one fairly quickly. Not sure that many of you will end up on this page since I’ve basically posted two chapters in succession, but hello again to you who’s reading this. Not that I have anything to say really. Enjoy! (Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want, they make me happy to see)

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Gacha skill – Chapter 21

よし!できた!Managed to get this out before midnight so I’ve maintained my streak. I love the suspense I get when reading chapters where I have to spend a decent chunk of time on each sentence so I get to feel the build up the author buts into a lot of the revelations. Anyway, I don’t have much to say this time besides

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Gacha skill – Chapter 20

Well, I fell asleep half way through translating this last night so sorry about it being a bit late. I might try uploading another chapter in a few hours if I can finish it (since WordPress keeps track of my daily posting streak so I don’t want to break that) so we’ll see.

Here’s the chapter~

As an aside, thanks to a Japanese friend of mine, I came across this nifty chrome extension that displays the furigana above kanji on the pages you activate it on. It’s not perfect, but it does make reading a lot more effortless when the author uses weird kanji or whatever. Here’s a link to it if you’re interested. Don’t forget to leave a comment, and thanks for reading!

Edit: I’m really tired now so I might actually go to sleep and then post the chapter tomorrow. I keep running into sentences that I can’t parse for some reason on the next chapter so that might be for the best. As always though, I don’t actually have a schedule, and just operate on my whims. I am lazy after all.

Gacha skill – Chapter 18

Alright, new chapter done. Had a fun time with skill names and their apparent lack of influence as to what the skills actually can do. Also I put the last stat block from the other chapter at the bottom of the page in case you want to compare them. Not much to say other than stay safe, and sorry for forgetting to turn comments on on the last chapter. Not sure why WordPress has that off by default… Make sure to drop your thoughts on this chapter to make up for it?

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Gacha skill – Idle talk Ellis 4

Alright done. This chapter took a lot longer than usual, probably since it wasn’t composed primarily of a dude eating various kinds of meat, or feeding his gambling addiction. Anyways, this is the last Ellis Idle talk chapter, so I don’t know what to look for from here on out. There are some more Idle talk chapters later on, but those seem to have other names on them. Oh, in other news, it looks like the author uploaded a new chapter of the raws the other day, so volume three has officially started. I’ll try my best to catch up with it quickly, but unfortunately reading politics has fried my brain for today so I don’t think I’ll make the next chapter right away.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Chapter 17

Alright, day two. Started working on this chapter a bit earlier since I’ll be getting up at 6 tomorrow to catch a livestream, but still ended up finishing at around the same time. Tomorrow’s chapter will be the fourth of the idle talk chapters, so I hope you guys look forward to it. In case anyone isn’t already aware, I’ll also leave a plug here for Reigokai: Isekai Translation’s new work: The Darkness was Comfortable for me.

Well without further ado, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Chapter 16

Alright, I’m back. Just finished my final exams yesterday so now I’m officially a NEET for the next two weeks. I found this chapter was a lot easier to translate now that I have absolutely no responsibility I’m putting off. I was also nice to come back to a nice stat dump chapter, since looking at tables and stuff is really fun to translate. I’ve also realized there are a few things I’ll probably have to change at some point in terms of skill names and whatnot, but I’ll leave any refactoring till the end of the first volume (after chapter 31). Can’t really give a proper music rec this time since I’ve been listening to my CD collection this whole time, and I don’t know about anywhere that is simple to get these songs online for free. If you’ve got time, I’ve got to say Ashita no Heya Jungle – Nanahira is a great song. You can find it in the Trip x Frolic album.

Well, without further ado, here is the chapter!

(Make sure you guys aren’t reusing your passwords everywhere, it’s really easy for a single data breach to compromise all your accounts. I just got a fun email trying to blackmail me with an old password of mine, so that was a good chuckle given I’ve changed all my passwords since then.)

Gacha skill – Chapter 15

April fools!! I skipped almost a week of posting as an April fools joke, so I hope you thought that was funny. In unrelated news, I had a nice Easter break. This chapter was a bit of a pain to translate for various reasons, so let me know if a part of it doesn’t make sense and I’ll look back at it if I have time. Rather than recommend a song this time, I’ll throw a ball to another TL that I’m looking forward to. It has one of the longest titles on NU I’ve seen, but do check out the first few chapters of “Poor Dexterity” if you’ve looking for something else to have on your reading list.

Anyways, here’s the chapter

I lied, here’s the album I finished this chapter listening to: Kobaryo – SUPER DREAM ZONE. It’s got a really nice cover.

Edit: My junior left due to mental health issues so I’m going to be stuck in a programming death march for the weekend. No chapters until I’ve finished that mess.

Edit 2: next chapter on Thursday