Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 26

It took 3 days to train the wolf and goblin. …Actually though it rained, so the ground was all muddy outside, so I didn’t force myself to head outside. As I thought, it seems my footing will end up unstable for two or three days after it rains.

…Good thing it didn’t rain at all in April. Seriously.

Even though it rained I still had some wood left over, so I made a simple roof for us to train under. Thanks to that, the goblin and wolf were able to undergo some rapid growth.

I’ll check their status for now. I looked at the wolf sleeping in its doghouse. It was lying on a cushion I’d made for it with its body curled into a ball as it slept. Its eyes were still closed, and it had a really comfortable facial expression. I appraised it.

No name (wolf)
Master: Crest
Strength 78
Stamina 68
Dexterity 45
Agility 100
Magic 15
Intelligence 55

The wolf was now at the level where it could hunt the monsters around here without a problem. If it can’t manage alone, then it should be able to manage along with the goblin. …Regardless, I’m glad that it was able to get so much better.

Since it could now hunt for itself, there was also no longer any problems with food. I’ll still bring back monsters when I defeat them. As I was watching it the wolf opened its eyes and got up. Then it came up to me while wagging its tail. The wolf really seemed to like when I pet under its chin. I pet it a few times and its tail started wagging left and right even happier.

Its fluffiness feels nice. I put my face on the wolf and enjoyed the fluffiness. After finishing off by petting its head, I went over to the goblin’s house and went inside. I made a lock and key for it, but the goblin wasn’t using it.

Although it should be smart enough now to handle a key, I guess there wasn’t particularly any danger of being attacked around here due to not locking up. I still think it would be better to lock up though. There’s still a chance of a honey bear coming here to attack after all. Inside of the goblins house were various treasures laying around.

Those are the treasures that the goblin had picked up. There was a box I made full of magic stones. Additionally, the room was decorated with club like things that it picked up from around. …They seemed to be enjoying their house quite a bit. That goblin was laying in their bed, sleeping with a blissful face.

“Arooo!” Whenever the wolf wakes up first, it always lets out a roar. Then the goblin flinches awake. When it noticed me there, the goblin put on the simple clothing I made for it. I checked the goblin’s status.

No name (goblin)
Master: Crest
Strength 98
Stamina 87
Dexterity 24
Agility 77
Magic 10
Intelligence 30

Once the goblin was done getting ready it stood in front of me with its hammer on its back.

“No need to put that on your back. After breakfast I’m thinking of searching the forest. Want to help?”



After the two of them agreed, we went out and ate some breakfast. While eating I checked my own status and skills. My status also went up quite a bit from training them.

Strength 140 (+7)
Stamina 129 (+5)
Dexterity 111 (+3)
Agility 133 (+5)
Magic 175 (+7)

Strength enhancement lvl 5
Stamina enhancement lvl 4
Dexterity enhancement lvl 3 (1 away from level up)
Agility enhancement lvl 4
Magic enhancement lvl 4 (3 away from level up)

Sword technique lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Dagger technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Spear technique lvl 2
Mining technique lvl 1
Fishing technique lvl 2
Land working technique lvl 2
Hand to hand fighting technique lvl 2
Smithing technique lvl 2
Cooking technique lvl 2
Tailoring technique lvl 1
Breeding technique lvl 1
Map making technique lvl 2
Harvesting technique lvl 1
Perception technique lvl 2
Construction technique lvl 1
Monster evolution technique lvl 1

Earth magic lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Fire magic lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Water magic lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Wind magic lvl 3
Light magic lvl 2
Bestowal magic lvl 2

Appraisal lvl 3 (MAX)
Cultivation lvl 3 (MAX)
Doctor lvl 3 (MAX)
Summoner lvl 1
Monster training lvl 2
Monster taming lvl 1

Surplus skills:
Doctor lvl 1
Appraisal lvl 1

My status has also grown to be pretty impressive. After eating breakfast brushing my teeth and washing my face, I set out into the forest.

“Alright goblin, wolf. I’ll let you guys fight a honey bear. I’ll be watching out for you, but this is to see how well you fight.”



The two looked a little bit nervous. They’ll probably be fine, right? I thought.

My status should have been a bit lower than the goblin and wolf’s when I first fought a honey bear. Although I had the help of my skills in my case, the goblin and wolf will be taking it on together in exchange.

I activated perception technique and started moving. Soon enough I found a honey bear. We watched it with bated breath. Then I looked to the goblin and wolf.

“Alright, go for it whenever you’re ready.” After I told them this, the goblin mounted the wolf. Then the wolf started running. The goblin took hold of its hammer and approached the honey bear in an instant. The honey bear noticed this late. Then the goblin swung its hammer.

The attack got the honey bear in the legs. The honey bear fell from its knees. …Did that break its bones? Well, that’s understandable. I made that hammer, and the goblin is really strong. They took away the honey bear’s mobility on one attack.

But it seemed that the honey bear still had its pride as a monster. It lifted its body and swung down its sharp claws. But it couldn’t hit the wolf. The wolf bit its arm, and then the goblin crushed its head while it was immobile. The honey bear stopped moving. …Those two. They may have gotten even stronger than I thought.

I could still deal with them well enough, but they’re so easily able to defeat a honey bear I was struggling against not too long ago against. Their growth is incredibly. …What would happen if they ended up getting stronger than their master? It seems like I could force them to obey me, but I doubt they would be too happy with that.

M- maybe it would be a good idea to maintain our current power gap.


7 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 26

  1. you know a novel is good when you’re like “what? it’s done already?” at the end of every chapter.

    thanks for the chapter everytime, translator-san!! you’re the best!!

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  2. “M- maybe it would be a good idea to maintain our current power gap.”

    —- nah you would probably be ok, but it really depends on what’s a priority, whether it’s the skill or the feelings they cultivated


  3. thanks for chap
    ahhh this explains a lot,last chap was confusing cuz author said stuff about max cultivation despite it being barely a few days and before that he said rainbow skills can reach lv12 or so

    now he changed it to lv3 being maxed and made a surplus category

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