Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 24

There’s a wolf. I don’t know how strong it is, but It would probably be dangerous to have the goblin fight it. Compared to me they seem about equal. In terms of speed, I think the wolf is slightly better.

But the goblin seems raring to go. It seemed to be looking at me to hurry and give it the order. …Quite frankly I’m relived. Had I not raised its intelligence it probably would have just charged straight in.

I think a hobgoblin would have had a not higher intelligence as an ally, but… I gave the happy-go-lucky goblin a glance and sighed.

Well it’s fine for now. That’s probably one of the evolution paths anyway. I’d like to give evolution a try, so it’s good to have a low ranking species to raise. “Hey goblin, go on standby over there.”

“Gobu!?” I don’t understand what the goblin says very well, but that was quite easy. It probably said something like ‘Why!?’

“This fight is to try making this wolf into a friend so it would be a lot easier for me to do this by myself. Why don’t you watch our surroundings for me? Tell me if something happens.”

“Gobu!” …Well, thanks for perception technique there’s no chance of anything ganging up on me. The goblin really looks like he wants to help out though, so I’ll have it direct those feelings that way. I approached the wolf. The wolf seemed to notice my brazen approach.

I thought it would be best to avoid any trickery when trying to make an ally, and fight fair and square. …I don’t actually have any idea how monster taming skill works, so it’s more of a superstition though.

The wolf looked towards me and let out a growl. We both glared at each other. The first one to make a move was… the goblin.

“Gobu!” The goblin suddenly made a shout. The wolf and I both looked over in surprise. Was there another monster approaching!? Impossible! Perception technique wasn’t giving any indication that there was a monster! What’s going on! Is perception technique limited to only working on monsters!?

The range of perception technique had gone up since it leveled up, so I searched the surrounding area with it. But I still couldn’t find anything.

“Gobu!” The goblin was pointing in a certain direction. Over there was… a blooming flower. Woah, it’s so pretty, how nice… Yeah right!

They took a broad interpretation of what I meant by ‘Tell me if something happens.’ I resumed my battle with the wolf while exasperated. …In the end I wasn’t able to turn the wolf into an ally. Maybe it didn’t want to end up in the same group as that idiot. …That’s the right call though. I think so too. I let out a small sigh and glared at the goblin.

“Hey goblin, ‘tell me if something happens’ means to tell of it something dangerous happens. Like if a monster is coming or something. Understand?”

“Gobu!” If only responding was enough… Well, I don’t know if it understands or not, but I guess it’s fine that I at least got a proper response.

The goblin and I set out again to find another wolf. It took defeating roughly three wolfs to turn one into an ally.

“Arooo.” When I used the monster taming skill on it, the wolf let out a friendly cry. The wolf showed me its belly so I wouldn’t mistake it for an enemy. I went up to it and pet its head.

So cute… Unlike the goblin, the wolf was sweet like a dog. “Shake”




Even worse is that the wolf listens to my commands. I checked the wolf’s status.

No name (wolf)
Master: Crest
Strength 18
Stamina 8
Dexterity 10
Agility 21
Magic 5
Intelligence 20

…Oh, as expected the wolf is pretty good. Not that’s I’m trying to compare them or anything, but I took a peek at the goblins status as well.

No name (goblin)
Master: Crest
Strength 19
Stamina 6
Dexterity 5
Agility 14
Magic 3
Intelligence 12

I guess it improved from walking around with me while I hunted wolves. When I looked at the two of them they seemed to be having some kind of conversation.




I had no idea what they were talking about, but they seemed to be opening up with each other. The wolf stood next to me, and then the goblin got on its back.

And so a goblin rider was created. It didn’t really look that strong compared to a horseman. The two of them might have ben talking to each other about making this sort of arrangement.

The wolf broke into a sprint, causing the goblin riding on its back to fall off. Falling off of a horse should be a big problem, but the goblin looked fine. The goblin got back on the wolf and they kept playing around. …Well, it should be good for increasing the wolf’s status, so I don’t really mind.

I wanted to try it out a bit, so I took a look at my summoner skill. I could summon monsters I’ve contracted with to an arbitrary spot, right?

When I checked it out, it seems that with my current level I can summon up to one monster at a time. It seems I could also summon them anywhere within my field of vision.

I guess I’ll give it a try. I activated the summoning ability. Then I picked a contracted monster. Finally, I chose to summon them in front of my eyes.

“Summon, goblin!” When I recited the needed words to use summoner, the goblin appeared in front of my eyes. Feeling light all of a sudden, the wolf looked at its back in surprise.

“Gobu!” …I see. If it’s within the range of my eyesight, then I might be able to use a monster for a surprise attack. My current monsters would be too week to perform a surprise attack though. …But on the other hand, it would be pretty hard for me to hold back against a honey bear class monster.

 I’d only be able to use hand to hand combat technique or hit it with the blunt part of my sword after all. Let’s head back to base for now.

“Hey wolf, goblin. I’ll lead you guys to the spot I live. Follow me.”



The two of them obediently followed me. The goblin looked like it kept trying to wander off, but the wolf reigned it in. …The wolf is already showing off that it’s superior in various aspects.

I don’t hate difficult children though. …My facial expression ended up getting all loose.

…I’ve been all alone up until now after all. What’s up with today? I think I’m having as much fun as I do when I roll the gacha.


8 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 24

  1. a happy-go-lucky goblin and a serious wolf. haha reminds me of Ranga and Gobta, and those two are actually the strongest warriors on Tempest. Hope these two become the strongest as well.

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