Alchemist – Chapter 3

Oof, three in a row baby! I’m probably not going to do any on the weekend, so chapter 4 will be either Monday or Tuesday. If something pressing comes up I’ll probably say something, and if not its just me being lazy or having a new computer that can play video games so be sure to badger me about it. This novel is definitely a lot easier to do that jack of all trades, with its short chapters, simple sentences and lots of dialogue. But still, I’m probably messing up half of this, so I will always give you my apologies. I did “edit” this chapter with a quick skim, so be sure to let me know any typo’s in the comments so I can spider edit it and pretend there was no problem.


Anyways, here’s the chapter!

Alchemist – Chapter 2

Wow, I’m so fast here. Two days in a row! Or it would be but I’d already done the first chapter two days ago and just had to figure out how to get it on NU then since no one looks at my site…

This chapter brought me many tears. Not because It’s sad or anything, but my cold is making my eyes water constantly so it’s a little hard to see. I’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow as to whether I’ll do another chapter then.

Also, I can’t figure out a decent English title for this, so comment it here or something if you feel like it. Or just change it on NU since I can’t control that.

And as I know most of you don’t read this post, here’s the chapter!

Alchemist – Chapter 1

So I’m back! Sort of… I was never really gone, just super lazy. Anyways, since jack of all trades got picked up I’ll be starting a new series I found! Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a good way to translate the title yet since I’m really bad at this (as you can see if you compare my translation of Jack of all trades with the new guys…) so I’ll just be calling this on ‘Alchemist’ on my site. I’ll also keep the first three chapters of Jack of all trades on here so I can snatch a few views from Tiger Translations~

Anyways, here’s the chapter!

Edit from future Ungrave: Seeing how someone has picked this up much later, I figured I’d just mention really quick that when I translated this originally I didn’t seem to actually know Japanese too well. For example, the title. I hope you can look past that much in any case, and enjoy the story.