Gacha skill – Chapter 15

April fools!! I skipped almost a week of posting as an April fools joke, so I hope you thought that was funny. In unrelated news, I had a nice Easter break. This chapter was a bit of a pain to translate for various reasons, so let me know if a part of it doesn’t make sense and I’ll look back at it if I have time. Rather than recommend a song this time, I’ll throw a ball to another TL that I’m looking forward to. It has one of the longest titles on NU I’ve seen, but do check out the first few chapters of “Poor Dexterity” if you’ve looking for something else to have on your reading list.

Anyways, here’s the chapter

I lied, here’s the album I finished this chapter listening to: Kobaryo – SUPER DREAM ZONE. It’s got a really nice cover.

Edit: My junior left due to mental health issues so I’m going to be stuck in a programming death march for the weekend. No chapters until I’ve finished that mess.

Gacha skill – Chapter 14

Alright, after a short nap I was able to do this chapter quickly. Not really a lot for me to say in the pre-chapter message right now… Thanks for all the likes and comments. I really like seeing that spike when a new reader goes through and puts a like on every single chapter so I end up with 20-25 likes randomly some days. Also thanks for the reviews on NU! Well I don’t have anything else to say…

Here’s the chapter!

Today’s song: Sakebe Desire – Inorai

Gacha skill – Idle talk Ellis 3

Alright, it’s time for the third side story chapter! I was half tempted to go to sleep early today instead of translating this chapter, but I did say that I’d put out this chapter today so here you are. It was a fun chapter to do, so I think it was worth it. Next side story chapter will be after chapter 17, so that’s after four main story chapters between this one and that one. Also, I noticed there was an aggregator site that was posting all my pre-chapter notes for all the chapters of this series, so lmao I guess.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Song today is RISE by VESPERBELL

Gacha skill – Chapter 12

Another loner monster hunter life chapter for you today. Not really able to say much about it other than that I might stay up a bit longer and do the next chapter too… I have to get up in 7.5 hours so I suppose shortening that to 6.5 hours isn’t going to do much as long as I take a nap in the afternoon… actually no, that’s reckless. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I’ve thought long and hard about which artist I should share for this chapter, and I’m going to have to give it to the veteran mouse: Korone Pochi – Home Sweet Home. Check out her other stuff too, her acapella music is great.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

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Gacha skill – Chapter 11

…Well I couldn’t sleep so I ended up doing the next chapter to. I admit, I’m also kind of looking forward to seeing the next Ellis chapter coming up next. The song for this chapter is DUSTCELL-DERO. These songs don’t have any relation to the chapters btw, I just think they’re neat. This chapter actually only took me an hour and a half or so to do, so I’m a bit surprised with myself. wasn’t even really that much smaller than the last chapter either, so I wonder what’s up… must be the stat blocks.

Anyways, here’s the second chapter for today!

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Gacha skill – Chapter 10

Alright, here’s today’s chapter. A bit longer than usual, also didn’t have all the status blocks to pad it’s size so it took me a bit longer than usual. Though I’ve recently gotten my TL speed to about 2 hours for a chapter so it really wasn’t that bad. Last year this would have taken me 4 hours so I guess those Japanese classes are really paying off. Today’s song recommendation is Mone – Mone Katsusengen. This song has all I need- bouncing video, audience participation, was recommended to me by my favorite artist.

Well without further ado, here’s today’s chapter!

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(Not sure if I’ll have time to upload tomorrow since Fridays always have all my deadlines piled up on them…)

Gacha skill – Idle talk Ellis 1

Well I know it’s kind of annoying for a daily chapter to be a side story so I went ahead and did this one right after finishing the last one. I have to say though, I got surprisingly invested in this one. Perhaps it’s just because I have to think really hard about it for a long time when I translate a chapter. Anyways, I guess I’ll have a happy song be my music recommendation for this chapter, but I wouldn’t say to listen to it while you read. Escobar Dance – Boogey Voxx.

Anyways, here’s the chapter!