Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 20

Bit late, but here’s today’s chapter. I ended up having to do some electrical work half way through this one, so I feel like I forgot one of the things I’d meant to fix in that span of time. Let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, so just sounds really weird. It’s almost 5am for me so I’ll be calling it here for the night.

Here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 17

Think this will be the only chapter for tonight. Maybe. I’m at least going to take a bit of time to read some other novels so I can remember how English looks since I tend to forget after looking at pages of Japanese for too long. Recently bought a few light novels to read so those should be good reference to go by. I had to add some extra dialogue markers in this chapter since even I couldn’t tell who was speaking at certain parts. Hopefully it’s not confusing for you guys after all that.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 13

I’d say the main reason I’m doing so many chapters is I’m feeling withdrawals from there being exactly 0 giant skill lists so far in this volume, let alone even a single roll of the gacha. I need that gacha. gacha… Just a bit more and I’ll find one. As a side note, I didn’t really think about it in my dopamine fueled frenzy yesterday, but I ended up getting about 17,000 page views on my site yesterday, which is pretty cool. Not that any of those views do anything other than release dopamine for me.

Anyway, here’s today’s chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 12

Pretty sure this is the last chapter I’ll get out for today, but I’ll still probably do another one before I go to sleep which will be after midnight. I put some links to the illustrations on the last post, but if you missed it I’ll put those links on the TOC soon so you can pop over to that one goblin queen illustration whenever you wish (not that she’s exactly the same in the light novel version for some reason)

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

I’m kinda just flying along here full speed so let me know if I accidentally call the werewolf king the goblin king or something.