Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 18

Alright, last chapter for now. My back’s starting to hurt a bit from the posture I use at my desk, anyone know any good ways to massage the tension out of your own shoulders?

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Have a fun song about stamps for when you’re done

Edit 2022/07/09: I’m going to be working through a bunch of chapters and then posting them all at once so I don’t get too drawn in by the dopamine of site statistics. The author has finished volume 3 now so I might just go until there, but you all know me I’m sure. I like to change my mind.

Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 17

Now for the post no one will read since everyone will just use the next chapter button. How you guys doing? Hope you enjoy getting two posts in succession. Maybe I’ll do another one? Just kidding don’t expect anything of me I like to be unpredictable. (that’s a clever way to cover up my flaws right?)

Anyway here’s the second chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 14

With this I’ll have uploaded all the content I did back in August last year. The raw is currently 17 chapters ahead of this upload so theoretically I’d be able to catch up real quick. That’s not taking the fact I’m a student into account, but luckily for you guys my university is on strike right now and my niece finally moved out of my house so I’ll be able to work on this for a bit. I’m not going to really push myself to do fast uploads though so expect speedy bursts of content every once in awhile whenever I’m particularly not busy.

Anyway, here’s the chapter. Also, here’s a song that I like and have listened to quite a bit in the past few days. ンゴ

Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 13

Well it’s certainly been awhile. I noticed the author has actually started uploading again since the new year started so I can actually continue with the series. To be fully honest with you, I actually translated this chapter back in august right after the last upload, but for some mysterious unknown reason I didn’t upload it. Going forward, I am still a university student and I am being crushed with deadlines at this present moment, but translating seems like a decent way to procrastinate my other responsibilities so I should be able to at least produce a few chapters. SFcipher, I’ll get around to implementing all those corrections sometime, thanks for all the help.

Without further ado, here’s the chapter (which I haven’t looked at in half a year)