Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 25

After getting back to my base, I gave the wolf and the goblin a simple introduction of the base. …I’ll need to make a place for the two of them to live.

With that in mind, I decided to make a doghouse for the wolf, and a little house for the goblin. I’ll start with the doghouse first since it doesn’t take as much material. It would probably be fine to just have the wolf live in my house, but I guess It’s probably better to have it than not.

That goblin definitely can’t. They seem like they would be really loud. I cut down some trees with an axe made from iron magic ore. I also chopped down some trees while teaching the goblin about it. The trees around here grow back really fast. Ever since I maxed out the level of cultivation, their growth speed went up quite a bit.

Rather, unless I burn the trees I don’t need with fire, the area around my base could easily end up overrun by forest. It’ll be fine if they aren’t in the range of my cultivation skill though.

I got enough wood to make a doghouse and then started by making the doghouse first. I activated construction technique and made the wolf’s doghouse. The best place for it was probably next to my house. I made it in my yard, right near the door to my house.

“Arooo!” The wolf seemed really happy and was rubbing me with its head. I rubbed its head and chin. Why I was being healed by the fluffiness, the goblin was moving some wood. It looked a little sad, like it was thinking ‘But I’m the one working hard here…’

 “I guess it’s fine here. I’ll make goblin’s house next.” After that I made the goblin’s house next to mine. It’s not like I’ve decided to use this place as my base forever, but whatever it’s fine. I made the goblin’s house a size smaller than my own. I left the room the same as mine though.

I didn’t have any materials to make a mattress, so I’d have to collect those later. The goblin came up to me looking all happy, so I lightly patted its head.

After that, I prepared a bath and washed the two of them. Looks like those two are female. Well, honestly there doesn’t seem to be any particular difference between males and females. There isn’t really difference between individual goblins in general.

I made some soap to wash them with, which help with their smell and the dirt on the monsters. …They really stank when I was patting their heads earlier after all, so I had to make an emergency bath for them.

I wanted to make a bath from the start. Right now is fine, but it would be pretty cold trying to wash up outside in the winter and fall. This bath wasn’t perfect, and I’d like to make a bath where I don’t end up exposed to the wind as soon as I get out.

It didn’t seem like something particularly hard to make with earth magic, but I guess it’s also not something I need urgently. I don’t need to think it over than much. There was a bath in construction technique from the start, but it was a pretty beefy thing. I’m fine without that much.

I went to the garden and gave the explained the crops to the goblin and wolf. “For starters, here’s the fruit. There are momons, oranges. and grapens.”

I took each one and gave them to the goblin and wolf. I thought I’d leave the crops to the goblin, but they’re not quite tall enough. …I guess they’ll be fine if I give them a chair.

After I brought back the grapen seeds, they were done in three days. I was now in a cycle to harvesting, tilling, and replanting them. Somethings I couldn’t eat all the produce and had to throw them away, but since it was for getting in that cycle I didn’t really mind it.

Next I went to the mecarrots and potadoes. They were growing fine as well. I was a bit worried about insects when I got them, but thanks to the effects of cultivation I’d yet to see any bugs.

I’d heard that food bugs don’t approach is gross, but there was no problem with the flavour. …Or maybe there’s an issue with my sense of good and bad food?

I looked at the goblin and wolf and they seemed to be eating it like it was good. Goblins are humanoid so it makes sense that they’d like the same things as humans, but what about wolves?

I guess they’re monsters though so they could probably eat anything. “Alright goblin, wolf. I’ve decided to have you two protect the crops. But in the unlikely case a strong monster shows up, don’t go out of your way to fight it. I can remake the fields pretty easily after all.”

I tried to make their orders as concrete as possible. I don’t know if the goblin and wolf can go up against the monsters around here yet. Even though it’s my base, monsters like fang cows, poison bees, and possibly even honey bears come by here.

It would be a problem if they fought against something like that and died. …Well that’s also why I didn’t name them. If I gave them names I might get attached. Until the goblins are strong enough to fight without me around, I won’t name them.

After that I made the goblin a club out of some iron magic ore. I couldn’t really compare it to a club. It was a hammer. After I gave it to the goblin it gave it a test swing. Yup, no problem.

The wolf wanted something to, so I took a look at blacksmithing technique. Ah, there’s a collar. I guess I’ll make a collar.

After I made the collar and put it on the wolf’s neck it began wagging its tail happily. …Alright, next up is training. I took the two to a place away from the garden. After all that logging earlier the space really opened up. Alright, let’s make this the training grounds.

“Goblin, wolf. It’s now time for training. Come at me with everything you’ve got!” I made a blunted sword just in case and faced the two. The two of them looked at each other for a moment before shooting towards me.

My goal with this training was to raise their stats. I figured that they should grow a lot since I have the monster training skill.

The wolf and goblin fought me alternatively, and sometimes together. I figured I’d fight them for the rest of the day with some breaks in the middle.

Halfway through a fang cow showed up so I defeated it and used it for lunch. After lunch I went back into fighting the goblin and wolf to raise their status. Once I felt that I was putting a certain amount of strength into fighting, there stats had gone up quite a bit.

No name (wolf)
Master: Crest
Strength 38
Stamina 28
Dexterity 30
Agility 50
Magic 7
Intelligence 31
No name (goblin)
Master: Crest
Strength 45
Stamina 30
Dexterity 18
Agility 35
Magic 5
Intelligence 15

Both of them got a lot stronger. It should be fine after this to just strengthen them little by little in combat. Rather I feel like they should be able to handle a as much as a sahuagin together.

Should I test that after a bit more training? I got dinner ready while thinking it over. Even though they’re monsters, I’m no longer alone.

A smile rose to my face as I watched the two of them happily eating the dinner I made for them.


14 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 25

  1. Thanks as always for the translation ❤
    ◘ And so the harem begins… I wonder if the trope will be "All the monsters I tame happen to be women"
    ◘ Jesus they got some fat stats really quick… how much time has passed since he made the house? Is he no longer worried about maxing out the gacha each month?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Main reason I was wondering was because of how the author worded some of their phrases…

        “Ever since I maxed out the level of cultivation, their growth speed went up quite a bit.
        Rather, unless I burn the trees I don’t need with fire, the area around my base could easily end up overrun by forest. It’ll be fine if they aren’t in the range of my cultivation skill though.”

        This makes it sound like it’s been a while since he made the house, when it was only like 3 chapters ago… but he also was concerned about the upcoming end of the month during those chapters too, so it can’t have been that long. It’s almost a trope I notice with a lot of novels or anime feeling the need to cause explosive growth with their characters almost to a silly degree when it’d feel smoother to pad it out a bit and let the character grow into their stats

        Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks for the hard work.
    So the goblin might be able to be a goblina like that time I reincarnated as a slime, after all. to bad it is still dumber than a rock.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Both monsters are girls eh? … sounds like a setup for their evolution/rank up to turn into waifu material..


  4. yup, it might be possible to see some waifu

    also liked how he didn’t named them yet, really was surprised with how he handled it tbh


    • He properly explained that part, he’s still thinking of them as expendable and he doesn’t have a strong reason to change that yet.

      He’ll name them when they’re cuter or obviously too useful to discard.


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