Jack of all Trades – Chapter 2

Alright, it took way longer than I would have expected but I finally finished translating chapter 2. I don’t know if this is the usual pace for translators, but for the 1700 words in this chapter, it took me about 16 hours total.

There were a few things I noticed that I noticed contradict what I put in the first chapter, and I still don’t think I’ve fixed that yet. If you notice any glaring errors, as always, feel free to tell me all the mistakes.

Anyways, here’s the chapter!

Jack of all Trades – Chapter 1

So I decided to give translation work another shot. This series is just something I found on TUEEE.com somehow, and I don’t really know how good it is or where it’s going. I’m a novice (and didn’t take any time to proof read this) so if you see any errors in grammar (I can English good, but make mistake sometim) feel free to point them out. If you happen to look at the source… please go easy on me.

Anyway, without further ado: Here’s the chapter!