Trash skill Gacha – Idle talk Albert Hauburst 1

An emergency meeting was underway in the Hauburst household. The reason for this was simple. At the current rate as soon as Crest returns to the house we would all lose our place here.

“I’ll be fine… I treated Crest nicely sometimes.” As the third son said this, the first born son loudly stood up.

“S- same with me! In the first place, weren’t the ones who picked on him you guys!” The third son went up against what the first born was saying. Normally this would be an unthinkable scene. Within our house the eldest’s words are law. No body goes against him. That goes for me as the second son as well. However right now we were in a state of emergency. At the current rate, Crest will be taking all of our rights away, so everyone was hot headed.

“Huh!? No way! We were just following your orders!” I silently watched the eldest and third son fight against each other. Us brothers have held an ugly sin. They were not saying what they truly believed. They were just being fools who hoped to save their own skins when Crest returned.

Then father struck the desk. “This isn’t the time for you all to be saying stupid things! Who is going to go search for Crest? That is what we are here to discuss.” As expected everyone closed their mouths when father shouted at them with his face red. The other two seemed to say ‘How about you go’ to each other with their eyes. …Nobody wants to go search for him.

I mean, the lower world is overflowing with monsters. It’s such a dangerous place you could lose your life after taking a single step. But I was waiting for this. “Father, I will go.”

“Are you serious Albert!?” Everyone looked at me in surprise. I’m actually more surprised with them.

“Yes. Lend me some knights, and I will definitely go find Crest and bring him back here.”

“Ah, I see…! B- but will you actually be able to bring him back?”

“Of course. I will definitely persuade him.” When I said this the Hauburst house meeting was finished. I returned to my room and took a look at the slave collar a knight had prepared. “So this is a slave collar for criminals? “The knight nodded in response. “How do you use it?”

“Take the target’s consciousness, and then put the collar on their neck. Then you will be able to force them to obey you.”

“I see.” I put it inside the bag I was using for my trip.

“H- however… that is only meant to be used on criminals. If it were ever somehow discovered that you used it on Crest with his current standing then-“

“He failed to tell us exactly what gacha was able to do. That alone makes him a criminal!!” After shouting that I chased the knight out of my room. Unconsciously a smile rose to my face.

I didn’t want to have to search the lower world either. But I could easily understand that I had to be the first one to contact Crest.

…It’s a simple story. Right now the one the house is wagging its tail to isn’t my father or my brother. It’s incredibly vexing but, it’s Crest.

But I’m not an idiot. I don’t seriously think Crest would simply nod to my persuasions.

That’s why I will use the slave collar on Crest and make him my puppet. Like that I’ll be able push away everyone but myself and give myself alone a nice position.

…Just you watch, Igril. I found myself chuckling at the thought of the eldest son Igril. For always looking down on me for being born the second son, I will have my revenge.

The transfer magic circle wasn’t the only way to move between the upper and lower worlds. There was a place where the lower world and the upper world were connected. That was called the gate.

There was a long downward tunnel between the upper world and lower world. A strong gate was built on the upper world side a long time ago, and up till now the massive gate was shut tight.

At the gate was a group known as the guardians of the lower world since they protected the upper world. I was walking with them.

The knights I brought along and I looked at the tunnel connecting to the lower world.

The custodian for the lower world carried a light. It was a light made by a magic stone attached to the tip of a staff. The magic stone could give off light when it absorbed magic, but it dimly lit the end of the tunnel.

“We’ve searched far and wide for lord Crest on the king’s orders but have yet to find any sign of him.”

“Is that so. Well, all you’ve used so far are criminals after all.” Although they were called the guardians of the lower world, they were actually just a group of criminals. The group who protected the gate were all criminals who had fallen to the status of slaves. It was a dangerous job after all. A long time ago they used to trick people into doing it by calling it an honor, but no one really went for that anymore.

For criminals, it was probably better to do an honorable job rather than being thrown into prison. The gate custodian gave me an explanation about the guardians of the lower world as he led me through the tunnel.

Apparently around his area there were goblins, and then a bit further on wolves. Anyway, his attempts to stress what was dangerous were rather gloomy, but it couldn’t be helped.

“I’ve never seen a goblin or a wolf before, but I doubt they’re particularly tough monsters. These are elite knights you know?” I brought 20 knights along with me for the search. I’d heard that goblins and wolves are pretty weak monsters. There’s no way the knights with the lower world manager would be weaker than them.

“…Yes. However, knights are particularly trained for combat against other humans. They will likely find combat against monsters to feel a little different.”

“You must be pretty comfortable if you’re mocking out knights.”

“O- of course I’m not doing such a thing. I- I just hope you take caution. The monsters in the lower world are a lot stronger than their upper world counterparts. If you fight them like they’re the same you’ll lose your life.”

“Okay.” …It’s useless to say anything else. The lower world custodians aren’t soldiers, nor are they knights. They’re a group of cowardly criminals.

“The further you go into the lower world the more dangerous it gets. It would be best to return if even one person ends up injured.”

“Humph, the one to decide that is me. Alright everyone, we’re going!” The knights all nodded in union as I raised my voice.


21 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Idle talk Albert Hauburst 1

  1. Thanks for the chapter~♥
    ◘ Ah yes, now we get the reveal for how powerful these monsters he’s been fighting are compared to the average human being living in the “upper world”.
    ◘ For some reason I’m getting tech-y vibes from this series, like the upper world was built by a civilization that had a high tech level then lost it or something

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Haven’t read this in a while, but the reading loads of chapters at once to catch up was fun!
    Can’t wait for Crest to give this guy what’s coming to him, since he’s probably gonna be the first to find him.

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  3. I have a strong feeling that this guy overestimates the knights. And with how he disregards the warnings of the dude who GUARDS THIS HOLE FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG – i am half convinced that either he dies and only a couple of knights stranded in the underworld end up saved by our super powered gambling addict, or he is the last one alive and then i do not put much trust in his ability to knock out or catch him by surprise.

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    • Goblin hammer meet back of head, collar happens to land open around his neck as he fall forward. At least that’s what I’m getting the feeling is gonna happen.

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  4. What kind of moron is he? Even if it’s plan succeeds how long can he hide the fact that he put a slave collar on Crest? How does he think he’ll justify it to the rest of his family and to the kingdom when it gets exposed?

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  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    Mmm a big wall with guard who are old criminal.
    It’s sound a lot like Games of thrones nigth guard

    And with the monster invasion It’s look like winter is coming

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  6. I’m honestly gonna be a bit disappointed if the mc’s retribution to this guy’s plan isn’t done well

    really hope that it’s gonna be done right and satisfying


  7. How much of a moron is he? Even if his plan succeeded how was he going to hide Crest’s slave collar from everyone else? Did he think of what the king would do to him if that came out?

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  8. thanks for chap
    his IQ is over 3000 ,he plans on hiding a collar on his neck?
    better yet the just said lower world monsters are stronger versions yet he ignored it
    and he took 20 elite knights, if he needs this much security then if mc is really surviving there then he’d be just as strong

    now lets see how powerful the monsters are actually compared to normal ppl(since mc is boosted by gacha and even his first fight doesn’t count as he was called prodigy in fighting before ellis ruined his rep)

    hoping again that MC doesn’t return

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