Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 28

We went back to base after I earned 5000 points. …It was pretty far away. Maybe I should make something like a rest stop on the way. I can just whip up a house on the spot as long as I have some wood to work with.

After finding a decent spot for a temporary base I went back to my base. Since neither rockstones nor woodhudes had any edible parts on them I hunted a fang sheep on the way for its meat. I also had the goblin pick some mecarrots and potadoes for dinner.

…I should probably make a pot soon. I killed several stonerocks, and all of them ended up having iron magic ore inside them. Thanks to that I currently found myself with a surplus of iron magic ore. I figured I should probably make essentials like a pot while I had the chance.

I made things like a pot and other kitchenware with smithing technique. While I was at it I also made a box to store it all out of some wood. I also made a cutting board before I turned to the goblin.

“Hey goblin, think you could cut the mecarrots and potadoes so they’re easy to eat?”


After showing it a short example of how to do it, I left the rest of the preparation to the goblin. They looked like they’d be fine.

I doubt they’d be able to handle it back with their original intelligence, but they could handle it now. Thanks to that I could now focus on my own work. It’s about time I swap out my cow fang sword.

I’d planned to use a fang sheep fang to make a new sword. Thanks for everything cow fang sword. I brought the cow fang sword together with a fang sheep fang.

Then I activated smithing technique. …The result was a sheep fang sword.

Sheep fang sword – durability 400/400

I could bestow it with one skill. While I was at it I activated bestowal technique.

I had three options to pick from.

Strength enhancement lvl 2
Destruction technique lvl 2
Piercing technique lvl 2

…I guess since bestowal technique went up to level 2 all of the skills it could grant also went up to level 2. No need for strength enhancement. What are destruction technique and piercing technique though? I took a look with appraisal.

Destruction technique
Increases the power of strikes against monsters.
Piercing technique
Increases the power when stabbing monsters.

…I see. For stabbing and hitting, huh. I feel like destruction techniques a bit better. I mean, with stabbing unless I kill the opponent in one hit my sword gets stuck in them.

My new sheep fang sword started shining after I bestowed destruction technique on it. I’ll be relying on it from now on. I checked how the goblin was doing with cutting the mecarrots and potadoes.

“Next we just need to put them in the pot and fill it with water…”

I put them in the pot and added water. Then I put the meet in and added some salt for some flavor. I was planning on making a soup. I wasn’t sure about the taste, but the meat will probably do its best. I put the pot over an open fire.

“Alright goblin. Watch the pot for me.”


After leaving things to the goblin, I got ready to roll the gacha. I needed to raise the power of my skills. …Please give me good skills.

As usual I gave a prayer to god before rolling the gacha. It was the eleven-roll gacha of course. The chest that appeared this time was… gold.

Well I guess I’ll be getting a single rainbow skill this time. For getting lots of other skills it’s certainly not bad.

The four types of orbs came out of the chest. Five bronze, two silver, three gold, and one rainbow.

…Yeah, this one was more of a miss huh. I guess I could still get a level up in any case. I’ll try looking forward to it. First up is bronze.

Strength enhancement lvl 1
Dexterity enhancement lvl 1
Dexterity enhancement lvl 1
Agility enhancement lvl 1
Magic enhancement lvl 1

…Alright, onto the next one! Next up is silver.

Mining technique lvl 1
Tailoring technique lvl 1

…I haven’t used mining technique up till now. Maybe I should use it against the rockstones? Tailoring technique is nice. Having comfortable clothing is never a bad thing.

Even so, my gains this time haven’t been that great. Hopefully, I can get something back from gold next.

Earth magic lvl 1
Fire magic lvl 1
Fire magic lvl 1

No rare skills this time huh. The skills themselves aren’t bad though.

Finally there’s rainbow… Well I’m good with whatever from this part. Of course I’m glad to have them level up, but I already know everything that could come out. If I could pick which one I want most I’d say monster training. I’d like to make the goblin and wolf a bit stronger.

Monster taming lvl 1

Monster taming… well, I guess It’ll level up. That should make it easier to tame monsters. It was quite the pain to tame the goblin and wolf. It’s not too bad when I think of it that way.

…Thinking about what I need going forward this gacha was a failure. W, well I guess I’ve had good luck with things so far so I can’t complain about having days like this every once in awhile.

Don’t get swept up in things. You can do this, me. After leveling up my skills I took a look at my status. The goblin and wolf also grew a lot…

No name (goblin)
Master: Crest
Strength 110
Stamina 95
Dexterity 27
Agility 83
Magic 12
Intelligence 33
No name (wolf)
Master: Crest
Strength 90
Stamina 72
Dexterity 50
Agility 110
Magic 17
Intelligence 61
Strength 145 (+7)
Stamina 132 (+5)
Dexterity 113 (+4)
Agility 137 (+5)
Magic 180 (+7)

…The goblin’s best stat strength and the wolf’s best stat agility have gotten really close to my lowest stat. They might actually get stronger than me soon. When I was about to move on to checking my skills, the goblin called out to me.


It seemed that the pot was starting to boil. I took the pot and removed it from the fire. I hadn’t prepared any other place for it so I just put the pot on the ground. I put a frying pan on the fire and started grilling some meat on it.

While that was cooking I made a spoon from some wood, and then used it to scoop from the pot into some wooden dishes I’d made. I passed the goblin it’s portion before preparing mine. …The wolf also seemed to want some so I made a bowl that it could eat easily from and filled it with soup.

“Be careful everyone, it’s hot.”


The goblin shoved it in its mouth before I could say anything, so it was tearing up. What did I tell you? In that regard the wolf was a lot smarter. I guess this is what a difference in intelligence looks like.

I also started slurping up the soup while blowing on it to cool it down. …Ah, it’s so good! The meat broth was a lot better than I could have imagined. It still had various parts that were lacking though… Yeah, I guess I’d like to have more spices to work with for a soup after all. That doesn’t change that fact that it’s delicious though. I kept on stuffing my mouth with the meat, mecarrots, and potadoes.

…Aaah, mecarrots are really sweet and the potadoes are tasty. I also spit the grilled meat from the pan once among us it was done and ate it.

…Haa, that was good. It was a shame that I didn’t find any new monsters to eat in the new area, but I’m looking forward to the next monsters. Thinking that, I checked my skills and then went to bed for the day.

Strength enhancement lvl 5 (4 away from level up)
Stamina enhancement lvl 4
Dexterity enhancement lvl 4 (3 away from level up)
Agility enhancement lvl 4 (3 away from level up)
Magic enhancement lvl 4 (2 away from level up)

Sword technique lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Dagger technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Spear technique lvl 2
Mining technique lvl 2
Fishing technique lvl 2
Land working technique lvl 2
Hand to hand fighting technique lvl 2
Smithing technique lvl 2
Cooking technique lvl 2
Tailoring technique lvl 2
Breeding technique lvl 1
Map making technique lvl 2
Harvesting technique lvl 1
Perception technique lvl 2
Construction technique lvl 1
Monster evolution technique lvl 1

Earth magic lvl 3 (1 away from level up)
Fire magic lvl 4
Water magic lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Wind magic lvl 3
Light magic lvl 2
Bestowal magic lvl 2

Appraisal lvl 3 (MAX)
Cultivation lvl 3 (MAX)
Doctor lvl 3 (MAX)
Summoner lvl 1
Monster training lvl 2
Monster taming lvl 2

Surplus skills:
Doctor lvl 1
Appraisal lvl 1


21 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Chapter 28

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    kitchen ware -> kitchenware
    cutting bored -> cutting board
    made a spook -> made a spoon
    ◘ Now taking all bets on how long it’ll be until that “breeding technique” comes in handy, since he has a humanoid companion
    ◘ I’m surprised he hasn’t named them yet, unless that requires some “naming technique”
    ◘ Destruction Technique on that sword is going to absolutely lay waste to the first thing he hits lol

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    • Thanks for the catch, there are a lot of stats now so it’s a bit hard to pick out the changes sometimes. I actually noticed that the stat enhancement skills were in the wrong order last time they were shown too, so there might be more mistakes hidden in here that I’ve yet to notice.

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      • Yeah I don’t blame you tbh, the stat block is getting pretty hefty. Only reason I noticed this time is because he spoke about it earlier in the chapter, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. I’m really surprised you managed to find that the order of skills was wrong though, I don’t really pay attention to them since they do so little for him in the way of buffs.

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