Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 15

満足した。Although I’m tempted to keep going, I’m probably going to call it a night here since I’ve got the Nintendo E3 thing to watch at 10am tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading~!

Here’s the chapter!

Also, who put the cultivation tag on this on NU?

2 thoughts on “Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 15

  1. Technically, Crest does a lot of cultivation.
    The one where you dig soil and make plants grows…

    Sometimes people tend to forget that cultivation isn’t just dopping with weird pills, ranting about face all the time, acting like a murder hobo with anger management issues and staying holed up in a cave, trying to feel your belly button for thousands of years…

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    • To clarify, the cultivation tag on NU is defined specifically for the Chinese type, so as much as I’d love a bunch of farmer stories getting tagged with it the mods might get after you.


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