Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 15

“What’s up Livia?” I asked to which Livia blushed and fidgeted as she came over.

“Sorry, are you already going to bed?”

“No, I’ve still got some things to take care of.” I glanced to the gacha screen I had out. I guess other people can’t see it. Oh yeah… I’ve gotten a lot of skills up till now, so I wonder if that’s still impossible.

Livia looked a little confused. “What do you need to do?”

“I thought I’d get some new skills.”

“Is it something so simple to do? As expected of you.” After Livia’s eyes went wide, she gently clapped her hands together. She sat down on the bed next to me.

“Yeah, not that it’s actually so simple.”

“Is it quite difficult to do?” After hearing Livia say so, I tried giving her the run down on the gacha. “Okay, so then you can’t keep getting stronger unless you find new monsters and defeat them.”

“Pretty much. I’ve got some points piled up right now, so I figured I’d power up a bit.”

“I see… so you’ve been defeating monsters without me noticing then.”

“No, I can get points from monsters I’ve named hunting too. So, this gacha is mostly funded by points the goblins and werewolves have earned for me.”

“Eh!? That’s very convenient. Then you should be able to get more skills from now on.”

“Pretty much.” …There’s still the problem of running out of new monster species to hunt later on. That’s not a problem for now though. Livia got a bit closer to me. Her eyes were sparkling.

“May I watch this gacha as well?”

“Just, wait a second.” When I was in the upper world, I tried showing others my gacha to prove it, but that didn’t work. How about now? It would be difficult normally, but maybe I can do something with the power of monster taming or summoner?

As I was thinking about various things, Livia suddenly yelped in surprise and looked over here. Her sight was pointed straight towards the gacha window I had open. Looks like it worked.

“Can you see it?”

“Y, yes. So then that’s the gacha window huh?” She reached out her hand to the screen, but her elegant finger early passed through it. Guess she can’t interact with it.

“Well then, let’s roll the gacha right away.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.” While giving Livia a simple explanation about it, I pushed the eleven roll gacha. When I rolled the gacha the usual orbs appeared. Four bronze, three silver, three gold, and one rainbow.

“Wow, it looks like it’s sparkling!”

“…The gacha has different rarities. The best one is this rainbow colour.”

“Then it’s best to get lots of those. Does that make this gacha a miss?”

“Well, not really.” She tilted her head in confusion. …I guess I should explain it to her as I go through the gacha results. I went right into checking the gacha.

Strength enhancement lvl 1
Stamina enhancement lvl 1
Dexterity enhancement lvl 1
Agility enhancement lvl 1

“Bronze ones are the ability enhancement type. They’re not very useful on their own, but it I gather a bunch of them they’ll strengthen me quite a bit.”

“I see… They certainly aren’t a miss then.”

Next up is silver.

Sword technique lvl 1
Smithing technique lvl 1
Harvesting technique lvl 1

Oh, they’re pretty good skills.

“Silver has a bunch of different technique type skills.”

“I see… They certainly aren’t a miss then. They’re useful for battle, as well as skills to make life easier.”

“Yeah, next up is gold which is magic type skills.”

“…Magic. That’s also very useful!”

Earth magic lvl 1
Fire magic lvl 1
Water magic lvl 1

Livia’s eyes were sparkling as she looked at the three skills.

“T, to give you so many magic type skills in an instant… it’s really a spectacular skill.”

“…Most of the skills would be practically useless in the upper world though.”

Finally, it was time for the rainbow skill. This time I got summoner lvl 1.

“…So, this is the skill it calls the ‘pickup’ then.”

“That’s right. The rainbow skills all come from the pickup banner.”

That was it for those 5000 points’ gacha. Livia… she seemed to be having fun.

“Watching the gacha like this, somehow, it’s rather fun isn’t it.”

“In that case, let’s do the rest.” I used up my last 10000 points to roll the gacha with Livia. …Livia would ask about my skills each time.

 She was always really curious about any skills she hadn’t heard about and asked about them over and over. …I didn’t get any new skills this time, but it was kind of fun watching Livia’s reactions to them.

Here are all the skills I got from the 33 gacha rolls.

Strength enhancement x3
Stamina enhancement x3
Dexterity enhancement x3
Agility enhancement x2
Magic enhancement x2

Sword technique x2
Breeding technique x1
Smithing technique x1
Monster evolution technique x1
Harvesting technique x1
Fishing technique x1
Tailoring technique x1
Perception technique x1

Earth magic x1
Fire magic x3
Water magic x1
Bestowal magic x1

Summoner x2
Monster training x1
Monster taming x1

I didn’t get any overflow, and I only got skills that I wanted, so I’ll call this one a win. As I went to combine all my skills together, I ended up seeing my status and was shocked.

Strength 272 (+16)
Stamina 251 (+10)
Dexterity 270 (+13)
Agility 296 (+14)
Magic 303 (+15)

Wh, what’s with this?


11 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 15

  1. For reference his stats during the duel were:
    Strength 191 (+9)
    Stamina 157 (+6)
    Dexterity 151 (+6)
    Agility 180 (+7)
    Magic 220 (+11)

    I’d say our (demon) king has found a new power source or something.

    Liked by 3 people

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