Chapter 2 – Part Timer on a Hill

A coldness like the air in front of the station stings my skin. I wonder, what’s this moist feeling? It moistens my skin, but also makes it feel itchy. What’s with this?

While half asleep, I open my eyes. I see grass. Grass? Not understanding the meaning, I slowly raise my body and look at my surroundings.


When I came to my senses, there was a green hill covered in smoky fog.


「What……the? Where is…… this place?」


Right, before this I was supposed to be in a convenience store. Together with a robber. Remembering up to that point, I hurriedly rolled up my uniform to look at my abdomen. However, the knife that I expected to be there was not, to make matters worse the knife that had cut through my uniform had left no wound. I don’t understand. I don’t understand, but……something does come to mind. That voice from before. It said ‘summoning target’.

Basically someone or something, for reasons I don’t understand, decided to summon me. It’s like in the novels I read back when I was in school.


Transferred to another world.


It’s something like that, right? Something took pity on me for being stabbed by the robber, and as consolation summoned me to another world or something……?

Well, it would be pretty embarrassing if this turned out to be the Japanese countryside. In that case, it would be more like a horror though…….


For the time being, I have to do something. I wonder if it’s early morning…… it does feel like morning. I can’t just stay here forever. Fortunately, the mist is gradually clearing up.


「The morning fog……」


How did I, 『Kamiyashiro Asagi』get thrown here without any explanation? Without understanding the whys or hows, I go down the hill. Beyond the short grass plain, I see a forest.


「A forest……」


Forest. If this really is another world, then those guys are probably here.




If those guys attack then I won’t be able to resist. If that’s the case then I’ll need a weapon. If I find a suitable stick in the forest I’ll manage. Luckily in my pocket, there’s a box cutter I’d been using to cut the cords off the recently delivered magazines. But my cellphone was left in the office. Crap. Well, I can sharpen a stick from the forest into a spear.


Yosh, I’d better hurry go.  They will not wait for me.


I promptly walked to the forest.


□ □ □ □


As I walked atop the fluffy fallen leaves, I found a pointed rock and searched for a thin piece of wood.

After a bit of walking, I found a good sized tree growing out of the ground. It’s thickness settled nicely in my grasp. Using the stone I’d picked up, I hit the roots. The sound of rock hitting wood reverberated throughout the forest. It’s making me a bit nervous…

After countless strikes, the tree slowly fell over. I held the box cutter in my hand and used it to prune all the small branches that were in the way. The trick is to cut a line in the same spot repeatedly. Then, using the back of the box cutter, file away the cut branch stubs. This doesn’t make it smooth, but it’s easy to hold. Finally, I sharpen the tip into a spearhead and viola, the stick is reborn as a spear.


「Yosh…… it’s done.」


As I look at the spear in my hands, I think. Just before I died, I heard a voice saying ‘granting Unique Skill 《Jack of all Trades, Master of None》’. I bet that it’s thanks to that that I was able to that that I was able to do woodworking so easily. Well…… It’s no use just thinking about it……. I prepare to test the spear.




At that moment, the motions of a spear thrust rose to the surface of my mind. It was like watching the security footage on the monitor behind the counter, having 4 partitions each showing a different angle. All of them combined into one perfect image of me going through the motions of a spear thrust. I mimic them, stepping my feet into position, and thrust the spear.




An audible sound of the air splitting is released along with the sharp spear thrust. This is, as I thought. Before this, I’ve never held a spear. I do one more powerful thrust, a perfectly straight attack without any waiver.


That must be it, this confirms the ability of my unique skill.

《Jack of all Trades, Master of None》is probably a skill that makes it so I can decently use any object I hold, even without ever having touched it before.

In that case, the ‘Jack of all Trades’ part is great, right? ‘Master of None’ on the other hand worries me…. Perhaps it means I can use anything but never improve?

That’s too bad. There are Skills in this world. That means there’s probably Status as well. Although I’ve yet to see anything to indicate so yet, perhaps I’m also able to use magic. I take a second to try raising the methods for magic use in my mind, but nothing is working. In that case, I should go investigate this somewhere, somewhere like a town.


……Right, a town. I should aim for a town. This is another world, so that means there should be lots of Adventurer like people, and a Guild like association. That’s just my fantasy though.


At that moment, there was a sound from behind me. A Monster? I slowly turn my head.





Standing behind me was a humanoid Monster. Its skin was green, ears pointed and had crooked teeth peeking out from its mouth. Its arms and legs were short, and it’s claws, sharp. Its lower body was covered to a sorry degree by a loincloth.


I understand, this guy…… is a Goblin.




The Goblin let out a war cry and raised its worn out Nata above its head.


「Wa, wawa-……!!」


I hold my spear in preparation and run at it with vigor as the Goblin swings down its Nata. Hurriedly, I jump to dodge but feel a pain in my leg.


「It’s, a lie……」


My trouser cuff was cut halfway down. The inside of my leg was dripping with red blood. It’s just a scratch I know, but it hurts.




After it took a glance at my leg, I see a smirk form on the face of the Goblin. I think that its face is that of someone only looking at food.  Shoot, yeah right I’ll be killed like this!



「Eat this!!」


Once again I run towards the Goblin raising its Nata, and thrust my spear. I move following the image projected inside my head by the Skill correction. The tip of the spear runs straight into the Goblin’s abdomen. It’s a little indescribable aiming to stab it in the abdomen after being stabbed in my own abdomen.


Quick stab, quick stab. The spear tip is soaked by green blood.




The raised Nata in its hand is dropped. The Goblins hands try to reach the spear, but cannot reach it. The Nata slides atop the fallen leaves and comes to a rest against the roots of a tree.


The blood of the Goblin steadily streams out as the Goblin slowly crumples on the ground. Now that that guy is laying face down on the grass, I take the chance and aim my spear.


「This is…… the end!」


I pierce its head with the spear. As the Goblin lays on the ground convulsing I step on its back and extract the spear. Instantly, blood squirts out as if from a water gun, the leg that I was pinning it down with got speckled with green.


「Haa, Haa……」


That…… that was my first kill, huh……. It feels a little unpleasant. Like a Japanese person, after all, I end up thinking that it was『Justified Self-Defence』. I’d never even killed any animals in my life. Suddenly having to take the life of monsters, it’s fine, come.


However, I’ve also died once before. I don’t ever want to die again. I don’t have any choice but to live. I shake my head to clear out the negative thoughts.


I remember the Nata that the goblin was holding. If I remember correctly…… ah, here it is. Fallen next to the roots of this tree.


「Yo-koishou……uwa, it’s dirty…….Eh?」


At that moment, the usual image was reflected in my head. 4 partitions play a clip of holding the Nata above my head and swinging downwards. Well, as expected there is no other more reliable form of attack. Reflected on camera 1, camera 2, camera 3, camera 4 are just different angles. That’s right. The point of a sword is not for stabbing. If this was a full sword then the story would change, but it’s fine for now. With the beaten up and bloody Nata and the spear I carved with the box cutter, I continue on through the forest.


□ □ □ □


After a little while of walking, I’m now hiding in a thicket. Why am I hiding you ask? The reason is on the other side of the thicket. I let out a small sigh after confirming the situation by peeking through the grass.


「Gya-gyagya, Gugyuuuuu!」




The Goblin I had previously defeated appeared again. A whole crowd of them. It looks to be about 10 of them…….


This is the worst. I could use the spear and Nata, but against that number, it’s just unreasonable. There’s no other way. I should just wait for the opportunity and escape.


But it doesn’t seem that it’ll be so easy. The worst thing happens, and 1 Goblin approaches the thicket that I’m hiding in. Its nose is twitching as it gradually approaches. Why? Do I smell……? Ah! The blood……! The Goblin blood is luring it here!




I hurriedly try to shrink away. What should I do…… the Goblin is already right before my eyes. There’s no time to set up any form.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Part Timer on a Hill

  1. ‘Luckily I had a box cutter in my pocket that I was using to cut the cords off of the recently delivered magazines. Shoot. I left my cellphone in the office.’ was repeated, but was that a mistake? Thanks for the chapter!


    • I just release a new chapter whenever I get one done. Perhaps after watching my posting habits for a bit I’ll come up with some kind of schedule, but nothing for now.
      Thanks for reading!


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