Chapter 2 – At the Adventurers Guild

Chapter 2 – At the Adventurers Guild


Boasting the largest territory in the Lusayne Kingdom was the Royal Capital.


That was the place in which Leyce was presently. Having said that, that did not mean that Leyce was a native to such a place. Rather, Leyce was from way out in the countryside having only just recently come to the capital.


「Your money, it was all stolen…?」

「Oh yeah, well- I was busy at the time.」


Listening to Leyce tell the story of his happenings in the Royal Capital, Laffy’s face cramped up. On his first day coming to the capital city from his home out in the countryside, Leyce had had all his money stolen from him.


The person himself was saying all this with a smile on his face, however, the result of that was his collapse in an alleyway and in no way a funny story.


「In the end, I had completely run out of money today and was very troubled. I didn’t have anyone in the Royal Capital to rely on either.」


「…In such circumstances was it fine to just give me an elixir?」


「Ah, it’s alright. If I sell the stuff I have in my satchel I should be able to make enough to make due.」


Saying that Leyce slapped the top of the large satchel he had slung over his shoulder. From inside the satchel came the sound of liquid shaking around, likely from his leftover potions. Leyce still thought absolutely nothing about the elixir he gave away.


「By the way, why did you come to the Royal Capital, Leyce?」


「A monster suddenly appeared by my home, and since it was dangerous there I came to the Royal Capital. It was the closest town, and I have some confidence in my alchemy so I figured I could make a living here with it.」

「I suppose if you have the skill to make an elixir, you can probably feed yourself.」


Laffy nodded her head in admiration.


Having made an elixir, Leyce’s skill as an alchemist was surely at the pinnacle.


「–In that case, would you mind showing me where I can sell my potions?」


Saying so, Leyce had an impish grin float to his face.




「Wow, so this is the adventurers guild huh.」


In front of Leyce’s eyes was a splendid stone building, the adventurers guild. There, a crowd of armed individuals known as adventurers were entering and exiting the building one after another. Being an adventurer like them, it was a very familiar sight to Laffy.


At the guild they also purchase potions, and since it’s a public institution there is no risk of being scammed of your money. For the unfortunate alchemist Leyce who doesn’t have his own store, it’s the ideal place to do his business.


「Alright, let’s go inside.」




Under Laffy’s guidance, Leyce stepped inside the adventurers guild.


The building had a splendid appearance and had a very large interior. A counter lined with receptionists faced the front, no the right-hand side was a bulletin board with a list of requests attached to it, and on the left-hand side was a bar.


Taking a curious look around the guild, Leyce noticed the gaze of the adventurers gather on them.


「Is that, S rank adventure…」


「Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Recently, she hasn’t shown herself in the guild so there were rumors that she left the capital, but I guess…」


It seemed to be Laffy who was drawing their eyes.


「Laffy, are you famous by chance?」


「Well, for now, I’m an S rank adventurer so…」


「Wow, that’s pretty amazing.」


S rank refers to the highest rating among adventurers. Even if she becomes the center of attention it’s not a strange story.


Seemingly used to this gaze, Laffy headed straight for one of the counters.


At that counter was a receptionist with pink, shoulder-length hair, whose age appeared to be slightly above Leyce’s. She was clad in a grown-up atmosphere and was a woman who would easily be described by the word ‘beautiful’.

「Oh, Laffy-san, It’s been awhile.」


「Yes, it’s been awhile Amelia-san. About a month or so.」


The woman called Amelia looked upon Laffy with a happy, well-shaped smile. Amelia was someone who had looked after Laffy since the day she became an adventurer.


「What can I do for you today?」


「No, today’s business is not with me, but rather with this alchemist here.」


Amelia turned her sight away from Laffy to the one who was standing next to her, Leyce.


「Hello, I’m Leyce.」


「Hello as well, I am Amelia.」


For the span of several seconds after they finished speaking, Amelia and Leyce just stood motionless and stared at each other.


「Um, what did…」


Expectedly embarrassed by Leyce’s greeting, Amelia leaned tilted her head.


「…are you by change Laffy-san’s boyfriend?」


「Wha, Amelia-san!?」


The blushing Laffy moved towards Amelia in a frantic haste. At seeing Laffy’s reaction, Leyce felt like he could see the girl’s age.


In addition, it could be seen that Laffy wasn’t the type who was good at differentiating jokes.


「Because I met Laffy today for the first time, we don’t have the kind of relationship where I’d be her boyfriend.」


「Oh is that so, I’m sorry.」


From a bitter smile, a full smile returned to her face.


Feeling as if the off-topic banter would continue for a while, Leyce cut back to the main subject.


「Um, I do have some important business to get to,」


「Is that so. Please let me hear it.」


At Amelia’s quick switch into business mode, the conversation was finally able to continue. The relived Leyce opened his bag and thrust his hand inside. From among the variety of potions, he was searching for an article that would be good to sell.


Finally released from her state of embarrassment, Laffy took a breath and watched the one beside her. She had a simple curiosity in what the alchemist who could make an elixir would be selling.




Suddenly, she began to feel a sense of dejavu. She felt like she could see several bottles of a familiar blue liquid inside Leyce’s bag.


「No, there’s no way…」


That liquid, isn’t it what she had received from him earlier? It’s precious. There’s no way he has that many.


There’s no way but…


「This is what I’d like to sell」


With a smile over his whole face, Leyce presented a bottle full to the brim with a blue liquid. The same liquid that Laffy had at the present moment.


In other words, it was an elixir.




A dry voice was let out in surprise.


It’s the second one. Moreover, if I wasn’t mistaken, there are more inside his bag. But is such a thing even possible?


No, It’s impossible. No matter how you look at it it’s weird.


Just who is this man next to me?


Inside Laffy, this was the moment when her evaluation of Leyce changed to 『Abnormal』.

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  1. And that’s when he became ABNORMAL!
    LOL! It wasn’t even a day that has to be almost a record right. Granted most people have a little bit of sense to want to remain hidden until they have a backer… Nesë thanks for the chapter looking forward to the next one. Will they finally cure little sister?


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