Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 2

Second chapter. No way I’d leave things sitting when there’s a gacha chapter next. Also the author changed up the way they do skill blocks so I incorporated that into the way I’ve been doing them. I think the theme of volume three is “riajuu, explode!”

Here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 3 Chapter 1

New volume start! I’m now getting pretty close to catching up entirely with the author since they only have 12 chapters out so far in volume 3. Also I’ll be putting out 2 chapters today so there’s only 10 left. I’ve been shopping around to see if there’s anything else I’m interested in translating after this, but I’ve yet to spot anything that I think can replace this project in my heart. Maybe I’ll decide once I’ve fully caught up, but I am rather picky with these sorts of things.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 42

And with this one, we’re finished volume 2! I didn’t mean to leave you guys for 2 days between these last chapters, but I ended up getting too tired to form proper sentences so I left this one for later. Hopefully it came out to your liking; I’m rather happy with this chapter and think the author thought of a good way to finish up the volume.

Anyway, as always, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 41

Alright, 1 more chapter in volume 2. I’ll be getting to work on that right away, but I can’t guarantee I’ll work on it fast enough to get it out in 2 hours. I’ll try my best though to finish it, since I really feel like I’m about to finish a big homework project I’ve been working on for several months and it’s slightly refreshing. Some recommendation this time is Da-isuki dayo. Basically a nagging yandere girlfriend. Top notch stuff.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 40

Alright, after this there are only 2 chapters left in volume 2. I hope to finish those before the end of the day, and then I’ll spend the next few days working on electrical before starting up with volume 3. Right now there are only 12 chapters there, so I’ll try catching up to that fast and then I can live a relaxing life of only translating when the author posts a new chapter.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Chapter 38

Well, it’s been a week. Sorry about not posting, I literally just didn’t feel like working on this all week. Likely because I’ve been slightly busy irl, though I still was just spending all my time not translating relaxing. Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I really like Nanahira, and a new song from Neko_Hacker was sung by Nanahira which I highly recommend you listen too. It’s called People People ピポピポ. This has nothing to do with the story though, I just like it.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Gacha skill – Volume 2 Idle talk Leon Hauburst

Well this one took longer than expected. Mostly because I was reading other things instead of working on this. Also I spent a bunch of time looking for a different series I could do as I’m getting fairly close to catching up and would like to somewhat have something else to work on after I’ve caught up to the author’s one chapter per 10 day release pace.

Anyway, here’s the chapter!

Oh and here’s a song. Let me know if I made any typos, I did most of this at 4am.