Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 12

It seems Vanya had been moving around from place to place. Since she didn’t have any particular base, we let her stay in this village.

The next day.

“…Uuu… Annoying sunlight.” When I went to Vanya’s house to visit her, she looked quite unwell.

“So you’re bad with sun after all?”

“Yeah…” Vanya wasn’t very lively. Her status didn’t change at all, but if she had to fight right now she would most likely only be able to show half of her normal stats.

“Come over to my house for now. I’d like to talk have a meeting regarding the future.”

“Okay.” Vanya walked unsteadily. She was making me a bit nervous like that, so I took her hand.

“I’ll lead you there, so hold on tight.”

Fuu… Got it.” Vanya clearly clung harder to my arm, putting most of her weight on it. That being said, it wasn’t a problem due to how light she was. As we walked through the village centre, we could see everyone making fields and the like.

Vanya seemed surprised when she saw that.

“Is everyone able to make such a proper village thanks to all of them receiving magic names from you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Everyone has skills so they all have their roles to play.”

“I see…” The demi-humans noticed Vanya as she nodded in understanding. While looking at Vanya, their expressions turned somewhat sad.

“…She’s doing her best even though she’s so small.” Having heard about the vampire’s circumstances, everyone looked at Vanya with sympathy.

“Even so, leaving aside the vampires, I never thought the ogre would be around here.”

“Speaking of the ogres, aren’t they pretty bad news? Think we can win against them?” I wonder how strong the ogre race is. I’ve never fought against them directly, so I don’t know how strong they are. When we arrived at the house, Livia, Orphe, and Sufi were already there. Sufi smiled when she noticed me.

“I’ll get some drinks.”

“…No, the stuff you make isn’t clean so please don’t.” I politely refused her, then Sufi picked up a wooden cup.

“It tastes the same.” Liquid suddenly came out of Sufi’s smiling mouth. “Here you go.”

“…Wh, what are you trying to make me drink!” Vanya gave a natural reaction. With Vanya glaring at her, Sufi smiled.

“It’s just tea. I can make it inside of my body. Slimes can make potions for example depending on the individual.”

“…I, is it safe?” Asked Vanya. I remained quiet, then Sufi passed a cup over to me.

“You can be reassured if Crest drinks my body fluid, so give it a taste.”

“…Aren’t there other ways you could say that?” I brought the cup of warm tea she gave me up to my mouth. I hate to say it, but it’s good. Although Sufi doesn’t have any particular skills, I think it’s better made then what I could make giving it my all.

“My body fluid is entering Crest’s body.”

“…Sufi, please don’t joke around like that too much.” Said Livia in an irritated voice. However Sufi just made tea for everyone without minding that. Vanya hesitantly brought it to her mouth, then her eyes began to sparkle.

“T, tasty-!”

“…That’s good then.” Its taste is good. Its taste. They way it comes out is just gross. Everyone sat down fine, but with five people the room gathered here the room felt rather narrow and cramped. I’d like to make something bigger if we’re going to have more meetings later on.

“Vanya, do you know where the ogre village is located?” I asked.

“I know where they are. Those guys have two villages.”

“Two villages huh.”

“That’s right. They’re also rather well made. I think they’re about the same as here.”

I see. “Do the ogres have good enough construction technology for that?”

“…Umu, they probably have individuals who can build.”

“I see.” So they’re similar to us. In that case they might have someone who can give magic names. “I don’t know how strong the ogre race is, but… about how powerful are they?”

“…Fairly. At the very least, we went up against them before, but… we couldn’t beat them. One-sidedly, we were helplessly done in by their minions without even being able to face their chief.” Vanya couldn’t even face them with her status?

“…Crest. Just checking, but how high is Vanya’s status?” Timidly asked Orphe. I let out a small sigh before showing her status to them. Orphe grimaced when he saw it. “She was helpless with these stats?”

“…It went up a bit from when I gave her a magic name, but yeah.” Orphe folded his arms as he made a grimace. I feel the same way.

They have swarms of individuals with at least stats of 450 after all. Considering our own forces, they’re honestly not an opponent we can face directly.

“…What a fearsome foe. They’re different from anything we’ve faced so far.” When Livia said this, Sufi glared at her.

“Could you wait a moment. Are you saying that I’m weak? Are you looking down on the slime race? Are you making fun of us?” Sufi was caught up on that point for some reason.

“That’s not what I said. Well, the fact that they are about double your stats is a fact though.”

Hah? What? You wanna go?” Sufi glared at Livia.

I let out a sigh and said, “Don’t fight please.”

“Yes, Crest. Got it.” Sufi smiled happily while blushing. Sufi’s attitude suddenly changed after she was named. More precisely, it was after the war against Veld.

Livia stared at me and Sufi. I didn’t pay it any mind for now. “Sorry Vanya, right now we can’t win against the ogres. We’ll have to train here for a few days until all the monsters us have gotten to about 500.”

It would be reckless to challenge them now. Vanya seemed to understand this as well, so she nodded her head.

“I understand. But is it possible to get that much stronger in such a short time?”

“Yeah.” With my monster taming and monster training skills, it’s possible to massively raise their stats. Livia, Orphe, and Sufi especially had their stats go up a lot from the last battle.

Even the other monsters have gotten to about 300. Now I just need to raise that further.

“So we’ll have to leave rescuing the vampires for a bit later. Sorry.”

“No… It can’t be helped. I can’t be unreasonable until you can certainly save them. …there’s finally a chance to save them!” Vanya laughed sadly, but also eagerly.

“…Yeah, we’ll save them for sure.”

“Fufu, thank you! I will help as much as I can!” Vanya smiled happily while flapping her wings. Seeing this rekindled the motivation of Livia and the others.

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17 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 12

  1. Excellent job! It’s starting to get really good, I just wonder when more people from the surface are going to come down and complicate matters…

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      • Probably another brother. I feel like we won’t see the hero or *cough* “saint” go to get him until his family completely fails to bring him back.

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        • surely they wont continue to sacrifice themselves one at a time… in fact, the situation should change dramatically this time considering a survivor was allowed to go report the fact that he killed both of his brothers.

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        • Leon’s sortie was actually pretty well prepared, they made it to his previous home and were waiting for him. Crest has also progressed his relationship with Livia. So there’s no absolute reason Minue or Ellis (or both) couldn’t be the next to come out. If it’s Minue, she’ll definitely opt to stay, and Ellis will follow her on that suspicion, and then the rest of Crest’s family will be forced to lead expeditions no matter the risks.

          Eventually someone will go back with a proper report that Crest, Minue, and Ellis are all cooperating on an organized strategy to shut down the invasion before it reaches the gate, but that won’t happen till someone on relatively good or at least neutral terms with them is sent out to investigate.


  2. thanks for chap
    time to accumulate chaps again for binging

    lol sufi became lewd, rather i feel this confirms she also has feelings for him and be considered part of harem right?

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  3. Thanks for the chapter hope that when Minue and Elis will come pick him up, Minue will stay with Crest cuz even for short introduction of her character i got fond of her as for Elis well this i leave that to the author since she is the growing type. As for Crest family the may as well end up destroy.
    PS: if one of the waifu could be a Youko this will be nice cuz i like fox girl😆

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  4. Man im sad that goblina and rufina have been completely forgotten, at most im guessing that they’ll be relegated to army commanders or something along those lines

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  5. I feel the same it will be nice if the could once gain evolve and this time Goblia will be as kute as Rivia but a bit more propotionned and Rufina evolve into a werewolf with human trait but with the appearance of the Onee-san style

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