Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 11

“So you don’t know about this magic stone?” I held the magic stone in front of Vanya’s face to reconfirm. Upon doing so, Vanya’s eyes went wide, her body began shaking and she moved away from me. She was totally frightened. She shook her head left and right.

“Don’t bring that dangerous thing near me! I don’t know!”

“A human from the upper world dropped this thing.”

“Wh, what…? But only someone who’s lived for a very long time could make something like that.”

“I see…” Looks like someone’s making a move in the upper world too. Though that’s true, as long as they don’t bother me I don’t really mind.

“There’s one thing I want to check, Vanya… is ‘Vanya’ your magic name?” It’s fine for demi-humans to have common names that aren’t granted magic names. Though not everyone can do it, I can give magic names.

“No, it’s just a given name.”

“In that case, want a magic name? It should strengthen you a bit.”

“Wh!? M, magic name!? Who will give it to me!?”


“What!? Do you have that much power!?” She looked at me in astonishment.

“…Well, more or less.”

“Amazing! That’s incredible! By all means, please give me a magic name! Then even I might be able to take down those ogres!” …Maybe.

“I think I should give it to you in front of everyone. That should show everyone that you’re an ally.”

“Okay!” Vanya excitedly got out of her seat. She had a pure and innocent smile, fit for a child. It’s kind of disappointing.

I glanced at Livia and the others. They seemed to have expressions as if their strength was leaking out somewhere. …They’re probably thinking the same thing as me. Although we had prepared for a full blown war against the vampire race at worst, I’m glad nothing big happened for now.

Upon leaving the house with Vanya and the others, we came across the figure of the nearby werewolves immediately. Everyone seemed to be waiting to hear about our situation. They all had their weapons ready, prepared to jump in at any moment.

Seeing the dangerous situation, Vanya’s expression cramped up. I patted Vanya’s back as she was hiding scared behind me, then took a step forward.

“Listen up everyone!” I shouted, then grabbed Vanya’s hand. Then, I raised it up in the air. Since Vanya was so short, she ended up standing on her tippy toes. “We now have an alliance between us! For now on, the vampires are our allies! She is Vanya! The chief of the vampires!”

Everyone seemed surprised by my announcement. After exchanging glances of a moment, everyone nodded. Then they immediately raised their fists into the air. “““UUOOOOOHHH!”””

They raised a cheer. No one objected to the alliance with the vampires. I pat my chest in relief. Then I lowered Vanya’s hand and faced towards her.

“Well then, now I will grant her magic name. Her name is Vanya!” With my proclamation I activated my skill. Upon which, her status displayed, and I could see that her name was recorded.

Vanya (Vampire Lord) +1
Master: Crest
Strength 430
Stamina 430
Dexterity 401
Agility 467
Magic 467
Intelligence 55

Magic tool production technique: Lvl 10

Her stats were incredible. Rather, she’s actually a vampire lord rather than a vampire. I learned this for the first time seeing her status. Vanya looked very satisfied.  

“I can feel my power surging. Now I can make even better magic tools than before.”

“That’s great.” Her status might have gone up a bit from receiving a magic name. Regardless, it’s certain that we’ve gained some valuable war potential. At the same time though, the fact that the ogres were able to face off against her status filled me with unease.

Once again I turned to the werewolves.

“With this, Vanya has now become our comrade. From now on we will cooperate with each other, and we will free the vampires who are currently held captive. For details, please refer to your respective leader.”

I confirmed everyone nodding in agreement, then I turned my sight to Livia, Orphe, and Sufi. They all nodded back to me.


7 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 11

  1. thanks for chap
    i can feel all the dignity from vampire lord being drained away
    well the chap answers my questions from prev chap.rather didn’t monsters not give names simply as a name was important?(guess the author threw away the setting as its hard to have antagonists called ogre A,ogre B etc)
    this author really loves destroying images ,i feel vampires are sad now .

    so when’s the blood sucking ? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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