Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 9

After I said that, Orphe followed up.

“Crest is definitely my boss. Please finish this discussion with Crest.” Said Orphe before bowing his head to Vanya, then going behind me. With Livia, Sufi, and Orphe behind me, the distrust left Vanya’s eyes, turning them serious.

“A, a human’s at the top…? I can’t make heads or tails of this anymore…”

“Veld from this village went to war against us. Then we routed Veld’s army, defeated him, and I took the lead of everyone. That’s roughly how things went.”

“Y, you defeated Veld?” She looked at me with eyes that said she didn’t believe me.


“…I, I don’t believe it. He was very strong, so I thought he was the ideal partner to cooperate with…”

“I’ve been wondering. What were you planning on asking him in exchange for your cooperation?” The vampire girl folded her arms in worry at my question. Then she hopped back into her seat. I also pulled out a chair and sat down in it.

“I want to make sure. You… beat that werewolf king?”

“Yeah, I beat him.”

“Did he, take my magic stone?”

“Well, I’m not quite sure…” At the very least that shouldn’t have been the case when I fought with Veld.

As I thought back on the situation at the time, “Veld told me he took it. I didn’t see it directly, but most likely he was enhanced by a magic stone.” Hearing Orphe’s words, Vanya looked at me in disbelief once again.

“I, I see…” Looks like she did make those magic stones after all. I didn’t know about that either. I just have to crush each question one by one. For starters what did she want from cooperating with him. I wanted to hear about that specifically.

“You said you wanted to cooperate to free your comrades? Could I hear a bit more about that?”

“Yeah, alright. My comrades were attacked by the ogre tribe, and all of them were captured.” The ogre tribe, huh. Another troublesome opponent has come up. I see how it is.

Now it makes sense why she came south to ask the werewolves for help. Ogres are pretty difficult monsters to deal with. Whether or not we would be able to face them… Thinking about everyone, I ought to reject Vanya’s request for cooperation.

“Sorry, but the races we have aren’t enough to face off against the ogre tribe. We can’t cooperate with you.”

“Please don’t say that! If you save them, we’ll all become your subordinates!”

“Aren’t our offers totally out of balance? Facing the ogre tribe would definitely shave off our war potential. Some of us will probably die.”

“That might be true. But eventually far stronger monsters than the ogres should be coming down south. When that happens, you will be faced with a very similar decision.”

“Even stronger monsters coming south…? What do you mean?” I asked Vanya to clarify the point I wasn’t sure about. She furrowed her eyebrows and stared at me.

“You know about the current outbreak of conflict between various races all around the lower world, right?”

“…No, I don’t.”

“Further to the north in the lower world, there are monsters that you guys don’t know about. No, well there are even a lot of monsters that we don’t know about. Among those monsters, there are also races that want to take over both the upper and lower worlds.”

“…Both the upper, and lower worlds huh.”

“Yeah, right. Once they are done fighting in the lower world, the upper world is next. In order to get to the upper world, don’t you have to go through the gate to the south? Eventually those monsters will attack the southern area and take over this land. Do you know how they’ll treat you when that time comes?”


“Even if you become their subordinates, if they don’t see you as proper war potential they’ll just cut your heads off. In preparation for that, it would be best to have a little more power in order to protect your comrades.”

“Certainly, you have a point there.” The northern monsters, huh. There should be many monsters out there that the ogre tribe can’t hold a candle to. If they come down south, there’s the chance they’ll kill us.

To protect everyone, and so I can live a long life… I’ll need a lot of comrades. Especially since my status goes up along with the number of comrades I gain. Although Vanya doesn’t know about that, her proposal to gain more comrades is valid.

“I’m the chief who unifies the vampire tribe. If you save the vampires, everyone will definitely cooperate with you. We can give you magic tools as well.” …That’s surprising. No matter how I look at her, she’s just a little girl, but she’s the leader of the vampire tribe huh.


10 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 9

  1. errr, I think we know what her magic tools do already. magic roid rage isn’t much of an incentive! oh well, she’s cute so keep her.
    thanks as always

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  2. thanks for chap
    ok somehow so many ppl last chap predicted she’s a defeat ogre tribe and loli chief get!

    stronger monsters further north,if i had to guess the top echelons should be dragons,demons and the like.And wait aren’t vampires supposed to be strong monsters??they are too south tbh

    ‘“Well, I’m not quite sure…” At the very least that shouldn’t have been the case when I fought with Veld.’
    wth????! did the author go back and change the story later?as far as i recall first round veld is at an disadvantage vs mc so he takes the drug in front of him and fights again right?

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    • Hmmm…you’re right, though it didn’t make much of an impression. It didn’t overturn his disadvantage or even prolong the fight, so maybe Crest just forgot.

      He doesn’t have an intelligence stat, after all.


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