Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 8

Vanya’s reaction was out of left field from what I imagined. If her shaking voice was just an act to see through our act, it certainly did its job. It completely threw us off.

Did she have some sort of threat to use against us? Expecting something like that, the time everyone remained still dragged on. Since Vanya didn’t say anything, silence descended upon us for the time being.

“W, what do you mean?” The first one to respond was Livia. She likely thought that it would be bad to let the silence drag on for too long. Although Livia was the best of us at acting, even her voice had some discomposure mixed in. That was probably unavoidable. Rather I should be praising Livia for even being able to speak in that situation.

The atmosphere in the room shook when she spoke. The next moment, Vanya prostrated herself on the ground. The vampires head touched the floor with a bam! Sound.

From there I could now see her. She was a vampire with tiny wings on her back and a tail swaying back and forth cutely. She had none of the majesty I’d imagined. To think she was such a small girl… She was franticly rubbing her head against the floor. I could clearly see her figure from my hiding place.

“P, please! Lend us your power! We’re powerless!”

“…P, powerless? Just what are you saying?” Said Orphe in Livia’s place. Looks like Orphe broke free from his petrification as well. But his voice wasn’t very intimidating. I’d say it’s very close to Orphe’s real voice.

The flow of things and the mood had completely changed. I would have thought that the vampire would turn hostile after that, but things seemed to be different.

“O, our comrades were captured and are being used like slaves! I want you to help us free them! We’ll help you as much as we can! So please!” Vanya was violently banging her forehead into the floor. Asking for help in the face of that terrifying attitude; I don’t think she’s lying.

Vanya was actually in trouble and wanted to ask for our help. I’ll reconfirm the situation.

Most likely, Vanya as a vampire was unable to modestly ask us for our help. Precisely for this reason, brimming with dignity, she came to us while acting as if she had as much leeway as possible.

In all likelihood, Vanya probably came to Veld saying something like ‘in exchanged for our help, accept our terms.’ This way Vanya would be able to use the werewolves to save her comrades.

If that’s the case, I guess it should be fine to talk to her straight? With that in mind I tried getting out from my hidden room. However, it was really hard trying to move the bed above me from my unstable posture.

Since I didn’t want to waste time cutting the bed, I started hitting the bed really hard.

“W, wwwwwwhat’s that!? A ghost!?” Vanya shouted in fear. She looked at the bed and shivered while sitting on the floor. The image I’d built up of ‘the fearsome vampire race’ had been completely shattered.

This despite all the vigilance I’d held towards them. Regardless of all the preparation work I’d been doing. If it was just going to turn out like this I should have just met them straight up from the start.

I’d put too much unnecessary burden on Orphe as well.

“Think you could move the bed for me, Livia?” Livia came over when I asked her this. However, at the same time I spoke Vanya let out a screen.

Gyaaa!? I heard the ghost’s voice!? Scared! I’m scared!!” Vanya shivered as she slid back across the floor. Livia and Sufi came over and moved the bed out of the way, and I came out into the room.

My body cracked from being in a cramped space. I stretched my body lightly and let out a deep breath before looking at Vanya. She looked up at me with a blank expression.

“A, a human? You’re not a ghost?” I looked at Vanya once more. She was really quite small. I’d have thought she was a kid, but I’ve heard that vampires have a very long lifespan. I shouldn’t be fooled by her appearance.

“Yeah, that’s right. My name is Crest. A human banished from the upper world.”

“Humans banished from the upper world. Certainly I’ve seen people like that.”

“Then that makes things quick. I’m the chief who brought together everyone in this village.”

“W, what!? Wh, what does this mean Veld!?” Vanya looked back and forth between Orphe and I.

“Do you know about the werewolf king who ruled over this village?”

“I, isn’t it that guy over there?” Vanya cutely pointed her index finger at Orphe. I shook my head in response.

“He’s different. He’s the younger twin brother of that king, Orphe.” Vanya’s eyes went wide when I said this. Looks like she didn’t know about them being twins. I don’t know what sort of relation Vanya and Veld had, but it looks like they weren’t close enough to share that sort of personal information.

They were probably just working together to fulfill their mutual interests. Vanya flapped her little wings and glared at me.

“W, what!? You tricked me! Humph!”

“Well, sorry about that. We’d only heard that the vampires were targeting this village. We just wanted to find out more about our opponent.” I lowered my head, calming Vanya’s anger for the time being.

Muu. I see.” Vanya folded her arms in vigilance, and her tail pointed towards me. Her tiny wings were still flapping around. I guess they move when she’s alert? Looks like she hasn’t let down her guard completely yet.


7 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 8

  1. Yep, as expected. Vampire loli confirmed as next waifu candidate to be thrown on the harem pile.

    Thanks for the chapter, you’re right she is funny

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  2. thanks for chap
    lol she’s funny,she seems to be the type to act high and mighty when she has the chance but get completely flustered when things don’t

    I always feel its weird when i see fantasy evil beings like demons and vampires get scared of ghosts

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