Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 6

As expected, we weren’t able to finish rebuilding the whole village in a single day. However, we were able to make enough houses for those who came with us to stay in. Some of them were a few small, hut-like houses, but they would need to put up with that.

I still constructed the buildings, but it was fundamentally just the outsides. Inside I only prepared the bare necessities for sleeping like a mattress.

Rather than feeling like living at home, somehow it felt more like a camping trip in the rough, but there was no helping that. Since everyone worked hard that day with minimal rest, they all slept as if they were dead.

We kept up a minimal night watch for the time being, but the vampire never showed up.

The next day. It was finally the day the vampire was scheduled to arrive. There was still some time until evening, but we didn’t know when they were going to show up.

There was also the possibility that the vampire was waiting and watching the situation. I think the vampire would probably be put on guard if they saw a human like me around, so I hid myself away inside.

Really though, it’s been quite awhile since I last stayed indoors for an extended period of time. Back in the day I never felt it was a pain to stay inside, but here in the lower world it’s not really fun. In the upper world I could at least read a book or something.

I gazed outside from the confines of my room. The village reconstruction was going forth similar to yesterday. There were monsters with construction technique so they could continue on smoothly.

Looks like everyone’s having fun… I changed my line of sight from far away to the yard close by. Orphe, Livia, and Sufi were there.

Orphe was receiving acting lessons from Livia and Sufi.

“…Are you seriously defying me?” Orphe said right on point. All of Orphe’s shyness was gone, replaced by an intimidating air.

It was good acting. He should be able to pass as his brother like that. Still… Livia is far more terrifying on the odd occasion where she acts.

“Yes, very good. What do you think Sufi?”

“Well, I suppose it’s okay.” Hearing Sufi’s condescending attitude, Orphe’s eyes squinted into a glare.

“Speak for yourself, Sufi. You can’t even memorize your lines.” That’s right. Sufi wasn’t really that smart. Orphe tried to egg her on, but Sufi just folded her arms nonchalantly.

“I wish you would say I can improvise.” However, her words and attitude both give off the image of an intellectual.

“Isn’t that just changing the way you phrase things?”

“But isn’t my acting in itself good?”


“Fufufu.” Sufi folded her arms with a smug expression. According to Sufi’s status she wasn’t very intelligent. It’s weird… Didn’t she give off the feeling of a competent queen back when we were enemies? Internally she’s pretty clumsy. Even asking the other slimes, they just said, ‘Sufi is just like that most of the time’ so it must be the case.

“Please don’t fight you two. Let’s get back to your acting practice.”

“Ah, yeah.”

Orphe and Sufi faced each other and began talking. Sufi was essentially taking on the vampire role. Orphe was Veld of course. Then Livia would watch them and give advice.

Standing in front of Orphe, Sufi grew a smile on her face before putting a hand in front of her mouth and laughing loudly.

Kuhaha! Do you think werewolves like you can stand up to me!?”

“Sufi, please don’t say completely different lines.” Instructed Livia immediately. Regardless, Sufi laughed in a good mood. Good grief. While I watched this scene I examined the room I was in.

This was the room we planned to have the meeting with the vampire. For that sake we constructed a hidden room while it was under construction yesterday. I pushed the bed out of the way, then moved a wooden plank below it.

There was an underground space, not at the level of a basement, but rather a hole big enough to store luggage inside. I opened the lid I made for it and went inside. Inside I made a chair to sit and moved the lid so I could peek out a little.

 They shouldn’t be able to find this spot once the bed is pushed over top. I could secretly listen in on things from here.

Things are prepared thoroughly in this regard. I got out from there and once more started watching the three of them practice acting. It was a heartwarming sight.

I’d like to hurry up and finish with this vampire business so we can live a nice relaxing life like this forever.


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  1. thanks for chap
    lol mc sufi is practicing the supreme art of sophistry

    also tl on previous chap page,the next chap button isn’t working

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