Trash skill Gacha – Volume 3 Chapter 5

Livia nodded to my suggestion. “I suppose so… I’d like to at least know how many vampires there are.”

“Yeah. Me might be able to figure out who gave Veld his magic name as well.”

A magic name is the name given to monsters. Each monster individually has something other monsters can call them, but in the end these aren’t enough to call names.

It seems being given a magic name will strengthen their bodies. Like how Livia and Orphe were given their magic names by me, someone unknown gave Veld his magic name.

A magic name is not something that’s given out often. Just who was it working behind Veld? We might be able to figure that out as well from the meeting with the vampire.

There’s also the chance that the vampire gave him his magic name.

When given a magic name, you can’t oppose your master. By acting in opposition to them, we might be able to figure out some things about the vampires.

“Orphe. Although I’m sure you’re feeling somewhat nervous about the meeting, are you alright following this flow?” Orphe’s expression cramped up at Livia’s question.

“I, I get it. Leave it, to me.” Though he had pauses between his words, Orphe’s expression was stern. He’s a guy who sucks at lying and isn’t really that great of an actor. I get that I’m asking a lot from him, but I hope he can do it.

“Please have more confidence Orphe. Additionally, you should take on a more oppressive attitude.”

“E, even if you say that, I’m not that great.”

“Well then, let’s practice some more. Try acting more oppressive from now on.”

“R, right now!?”

Really that might be good. I nodded in agreeance with Livia’s proposal. “That’s right. How about you start giving everyone a more high-handed attitude for the time being from today?”

“I think that’s a great idea as well lord Crest!”

“No no, wait a sec! That’s just too mu―”

“I’ll leave it to you, Orphe.” I said with a smile, forcing Orphe to shut his mouth and nod.

“…I get it. But how exactly do I act ‘oppressive’?”

“Well… For example, think about dinner time. How do you handle the people who bring you food?”

“Of course I say my than―”

“Wrong. Hurry it up will you! You can shout something like that.”

“I, I have to go that far!?”

“You can even say ‘this food is awful’ and slam your plate.”

“Isn’t that just being selfish, lord Crest?” Livia looked at me with a wry smile.

However Orphe was astonished. It looks like he’s starting to realize what a chore it is to be high-handed.

I’ve had quite a few people like that around me, so I think I can do it if I try. I don’t like to be destructive though, so I avoid acting that way.

“In any case, acting somewhat like that to the vampire should be good. Try figuring it out in your own style.”

“U, understood.” Orphe nodded slowly, then Livia put her hands together with a smile.

“For now let’s practice speaking in a way you can use on the vampire. Try saying ‘I plan on having an equal alliance between us. We aren’t going to be beneath you’ Orphe.”

“…R, right here?”

“Yes.” Said Livia with a smile. Her smile left no room for refusal. Orphe probably felt that too. He nodded in resignation and cleared his throat.

“I plan on having an equal alliance between us. We aren’t going to be beneath you.” Declared Orphe, however it was completely monotone. It felt as if he was speaking while reading his lines from something. That would probably make the vampire suspicious.

Seemingly with the same impression in mind, Livia shook her head. “Orphe. That was monotone. It’s no good.”

“E, even if you say that.”

“In that case, I’ll show you a sample and you can try from there.”

“A, a sample…?” Livia acting in an overbearing manner? I wonder if she can pull that off. Orphe and I exchanged looks, then Livia cleared her throat with a cough. Then her eyes slanted upwards. I trembled seeing the normally kind girl’s gaze turn sharp, opposite of her usual self.

“I plan on having an equal alliance between us. We aren’t going to be beneath you.” Her voice had a force to it. Although she wasn’t raising her voice in a shout of anger or anything, it was an oppressive voice that chilled my body to the core. Anger and annoyance. Just by hearing her words, those unpleasant feelings were transmitted as if weaved into her words themselves.

She was hostile. Livia’s attitude clearly expressed this fact, but then a grin rose to her face. Then the tense atmosphere disappeared.

“What was that?”

“Th, that was terrifying. …I don’t think I can do that much.”

“It’s alright, you can do it if you practice properly. I’ll be doing everything I can to teach you after all.” Said Livia with a smile. I absolutely am not going to let Livia know that I found her smile there a bit terrifying.


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  1. Hahaha Crest sure got a crazy girlfriend. But you know what they say, the crazier the girl, the better she is in nighttime activities.

    Thanks for the chapters ungrave-san

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  2. thanks for chap
    ……..3 chaps used just on instructing him to act

    lol something tells me when more harem members join in mc will have to face that smile again

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