Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 21

We went back to base. We’ve still got a lot of things to take care of.

“Orphe, Livia… gather everyone. We need to talk about what we’ll be doing going forward.”


“I understand.”

The two of them nodded before going into the village. I took another look at the village while watching them go.

…The village won’t be able to hold up like this. Its defenses are obviously weak.

If the northern werewolves were to come here, then it would simply devolve into a brawl. Without knowing anything about the other side’s strength, it would be dangerous to fight like this.

First off would be a wall. I’ll gather some wood and stone and build a protective wall to conceal the village. A protective wall should also allow us to meet an enemy attack.

Another fundamental thing would be some bows. I knew I was able to make those with smithing technique as well. That’s not all for weapons either. I looked at the monsters gathering one after the other.

…I hadn’t strengthened everyone’s weapons yet since I didn’t have enough iron magic ore yet. The weapons everyone had weren’t that great. We’ll need to gather more iron magic ore right away.

Once Orphe and Livia got back I stood next to them. …Everyone’s attention turned to me. I cleared my throat before I shouted, “We just went to the slime tribe’s village.”

Everyone seemed to be surprised by this fact, and they exchanged glances with each other.

“No need to be surprised. We’ve made an alliance with them. However, this is not a relationship of mutual cooperation, but rather and agreement to not fight against one another. …We also heard news about the northern werewolves.”

Hearing me say this, the werewolves grimaced. …It is an enemy they hate greatly after all.

“It seems the werewolves are moving to subjugate the slime tribe under them. …If the slime tribe loses, then they will likely aim for us next.” Hearing this, the werewolves’ eyes turned sharp. They were probably aiming their fury towards the northern werewolves. “I have no desire for us to lose!! I will now be building a wall around the village and reinforcing our defences! That’s why I ask you to go; collect wood, stone, and iron magic ore for me!”

“Oooooo!” The werewolves and goblins shouted and raised their fists into the air.

“Start working right away!” After giving them their directions, everyone moved out immediately. …This should be good for now. However, what level of wall will I be able to make?

I doubt I’d be able to make a magnificent rampart like the ones in the upper world. If I use wood in its design, then the most important thing would be making it so enemies can’t bust through it.

“Very well done, lord Crest.” Livia came over with a smile on her face.

“…Nah, well it would be a problem for me if the village were destroyed.” I managed to finally find a safe place to live after all.

“…Hey Crest, could you help me train for a bit?”


“Yeah… I don’t think I have enough strength to beat my brother as I stand now. …I can’t lose to him the next time we meet.”

“…I see. Alright. Let’s head to the training grounds then.” As we started walking there, Livia followed behind us.

“Let me join as well.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Once we got to the training grounds, Orphe and I drew our swords and faced each other. Then we exchanged blows. Orphe’s moves were both fast and powerful. However, with my status and my sword technology, I was able to handle him with ease. …I noticed something while I was watching the way he moved.

“Hey Orphe, did you ever get any formal training in swordsmanship?”

“…No, I haven’t. We learn to use the sword through live combat, so I don’t know anything that could properly be called swordsmanship. Now that you mention it Crest, your moves seem to be fixed to some extent.”

Right. While I’m fighting, I always remain aware of the schools. There were several different schools of swordsmanship in the upper world. I don’t think all of them are useful, but I guess I’ll try teaching them. “There are four schools of swordsmanship in the upper world. The fire sword art, water sword art, earth sword art, and the wind sword art.”

“…I see. So a sword for each of the four great spirits?”

“Yeah. You handle the sword by… well, we can leave it at that for now. The important thing for now is just how you shape the magic power inside your body.”

“…What do you mean by shaping the magic power in my body?” Livia tilted her head along with Orphe. I guess they don’t know about it as expected.

“You usually strengthen your body with magic power when you’re moving, right?”

“I do… but I’m pretty bad at it though.”

Livia clapped her hands together. “Now that you mention it, I’ve heard about that. Apparently humans are all really good at strengthening their bodies with magic power.”

“…Well, I’m we’re decent at it. For the fire sword art, you turn the magic in your body hot like fire. This stimulates your movements, heals your wounds slightly, and raises your attack speed.”

“I, it can do all that!?” Gaped Orphe.

“Yeah. It’s much more important than studying a school of swordsmanship. Each individual has their own attribute that they’re good with. Us humans have studied it extensively.”

“…R, really. But, monsters can’t shape their magic that well, right?”

“Even so, if you learn the basics of it, you should be able to gain much more power than before.”

“I guess so.” Orphe had a fire in his eyes. Livia also came over. …I guess I should find the attributes that they’re each good with.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    It appears Rufina and Goblia have been replaced in this novel. He could have just evolved the two of them if he wanted talking companions..
    Also, we’re this far in and he still doesn’t know how to really master gacha yet.. The true secret of Gacha is….. A CREDIT CARD!

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    • Woah calm down, the author could fuck up and forget about the first mons, but i doubt he will, afterall, olphe aint a grill so rufinas future doggirl slot is safe, and goblina can easily fill the dumb&strong slot

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~♥

    ◘ Hearing me say this, the werewolves grimaced. …It is an enemy their hate greatly after all. ◘
    their -> they

    Introducing a new major mechanic with affinities, author-san you dog you ❤

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