Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 19

Following the slime, we made it to the village. …The slimes didn’t seem to have any house like houses.

“This here, is our village.” As the slime said this, another slime appeared from a tree. …More than one of them to be exact. Every tree around had a slime oozing out from it.

As their slime covered the surface of the trees, their upper bodies began to take a human form. Then, they glared their hate filled eyes at us, or rather, a Orphe.

“Do you not have houses?” I asked.

“Yes. …Of course it would be better for us to make houses, but right now we are on the move. We can dissolve ourselves inside of trees and use those as our houses for now.” Answered the slime. Then one of the slimes came over to us. This one was much bigger than the rest.

“A human, goblins, a wolf, and… a werewolf. Just why are you all together, seeking this place?” He had an intimidating voice.

The slime turned to him to explain. “They saved me when I was being attacked by a monster.”

“But there’s a werewolf.” …Looks like they had quite the grudge. Makes sense though. The slime’s chief did end up getting backstabbed.

I moved closer to the slime with the domineering voice and spoke up. “We have a village to the south of here. I heard that the slime queen is here. We came here with an alliance in mind.”

“An alliance? With werewolves? I’ve seen that face before. It’s the same face as that guy who backstabbed us!!” As the slime shouted, I could feel the hostility rising in all the other slimes as well. …They are twin brothers. Only figures that they’d look the same.

I calmly responded to ease his anger. “They’re different werewolves from the ones up north. Just like you guys, they were cheated by the northern werewolves, and exiled from their village. …They resent the northern werewolves just like you.” As I said this the slime glanced at Orphe.

Orphe took a step froward. “Yeah, that’s right. Just like he said, the one who backstabbed you guys was my brother. …My hatred towards him is the same as yours.” The slimes glanced to each other as Orphe said this. Then they turned to me and shook their heads.

“Right now, our slime queen is injured. She’s in no state to meet you.”

“…Do slimes have any problems with drinking potions?”

“Yeah, no problem… what about it?”

“Then do you want to try this?” I pulled a cub out from my pouch and made a potion in it. Seeing this, the slime’s face looked a little surprised before immediately tightening up. I took a sip of the potion before passing it to the slime. “There’s no poison in it. It should have a healing effect.”

“…” The slime took the potion from me before heading to the center of their village. …The other slimes in the surroundings remained on guard.

The slime came back after a short period. We stood up from the ground as we saw him return.

“Our slime queen bids you come.” Looks like we’ve gotten permission to meet her. As we let out a sigh of relief, we moved into the forest. Before long we arrived at a tree far bigger than the surrounding trees, and a puddle of liquid on the ground stood up.

Then… it took the form of a woman. The form of a beautiful woman. Two magic stones acted almost like hair clips, making her hair appear particularly striking.

I leaned over and whispered to Livia. “…Does each slime have a fixed form?”

“…I believe so.”

“Looks like they even have different sexes.”

“Of course they do. They’re monsters after all.” While we were whispering, the woman came over to us. …After giving Orphe a glare, she turned towards us.

“I have to thank you for the potion. You have my gratitude, human.”

“…No, don’t worry about that. Rather, I ought to thank you for taking the time to meet us.”

“So? What is it that you wish?”

“And alliance. With the threat of the werewolves in the north, it would be best for us to work together.” That’s an unmistakable fact. …I don’t know how strong the northern werewolves are. If we were to resist them individually, there’s a chance we could lose our lives.

However, the slime queen’s expression turned grim. “I understand what you are saying. However, we have no intention of forming an alliance with you.”

“…How come? These are dangerous times.”

“That’s because we hate humans as well.” As she said so, the slime queen glared at me. So they hate humans, huh…

“Why is it that you hate humans? …Did they kill your friends?”

“Of course. …Even more so, I personally hold a grudge against them.”

“…And why is that?”

“That’s because a long time ago, I lived in the upper world.” Said the slime queen, much to my surprise.

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12 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 19

  1. That ending… hmm… This is making me think that all the “Leaders” of the monsters somehow originated from the upper world and then banished to the lower world… If I remember correctly, there was that one chapter that stated that beastmen slaves were mostly sent towards the lower world, might have remembered wrong though lol
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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