Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 16

“What’s wrong?” Asked Livia, looking at me inquisitively. Maybe I could figure something out by discussing this with her.

“My status went up quite a bit. I didn’t even do any particular training or anything.” My status has never increased so explosively like this before. Livia titled her head cutely as her eyes opened wide.

“Wouldn’t it be from giving everyone names?”


“Yes. Most likely. This time in particular you gave Orphe and I names, so wouldn’t that have had a strong effect?”

…I guess so. Now that you mention it, that could be it. So basically if I want to get stronger quickly I ought to get more comrades.

At this rate I’ll end up getting stronger gradually as I work with the goblins and werewolves.

“I’m glad that you’re getting stronger, lord Crest.”

“Well, thanks for telling me about this stuff. You’ve been a big help.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I think it’s time I head to bed. See you tomorrow.” As I said this to the smiling Livia, she moved her body closer to me. She lightly patted me on the arm with her hand. It felt very soft. …Why though? “Livia?”

“Umm, lord Crest. May I have a moment of your time?”

“Yeah…” Livia fidgeted a bit before looking to me with moist eyes.

“Could you sleep together with me tonight?”

“Sleep together…? What are you saying?”

“Are you aware that goblins are monsters that have a strong sexual desire?” I almost exploded as Livia suddenly brought that up. I suppressed everything and nodded my head.

“Well yeah. I saw a human male being carried off a bit before.” I grinned a bit thinking back to that familiar face. As I said that Livia made a little grin as well.

“That’s right. Whether that’s female goblins, or even males, it’s fine as long as there’s a hole.” Said Livia, slightly embarrassed. It’s almost like I made her say that. I’ve done something bad.

“My bad. I didn’t mean to make you say that.”

“No, please don’t mind it. …Well going back on topic. Queens are different from normal goblins and are able to basically keep their sexual desires in check.”

“Basically?” Since she emphasised that part, is it going to be that then?

“…Yes. Goblin queens are only able to feel their passion towards a single individual.”

“Huh, there’s a lot of interesting things about goblins.”

“That’s why I can only desire for you.” Saying this, Livia pushed my body down. She moved so suddenly I couldn’t react in time. Livia smiled at me. Her innocent smile made my heart skip a beat. “So tonight… can we sleep together?”

“Ah, yeah.” I couldn’t say no. Hearing my response, Livia closed her eyes in happiness. Since we were already prepared to sleep, we got in bed just like that. It was a single person bed. No matter how small Livia’s build was, increasing that to two people was a little tough.

…Well, I mean it’s not like it’s to the level where it’s impossible to sleep. Next to me, Livia closed her eyes with a loose expression.

“Good night, lord Crest.”

“…Night.” Livia’s voice was somehow a bit bouncy. Soon enough I could hear her sleeping breath.


I felt just a tiny little bit disappointed there. N, not like I was looking forward to doing naughty things or anything. Yup, we were just going to platonically sleep together. I’m sure sleeping together like this can help Livia control her sexual desires.

…Once I’d fully convinced myself as such, I closed my eyes. Then, Livia’s hand suddenly grasped mine. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose, or if she was just moving around in her sleep, but l lightly squoze her hand back.

…I’ve slept together with someone like this several times before. When I was young, Ellis forced me to sleep together with her. Back then all I could think about was how to avoid her displeasure.

Without having to worry about anything like that, I close my eyes and… I couldn’t sleep.

I was nervous. Having Livia’s sleeping breath hitting my neck made my heart flutter. As she breathed, her chest would move up and down. She was wearing thing clothing, so I could make out the line of her breasts.

She certainly didn’t have an effeminate body or anything, and if I had to say it then she’s petite… but how should I put this, she had a doll like beauty that made my heart pound.

…So this is limbo. I took a small breath to calm myself.  

How about I think of this as training. It’s training to control my own reason. I took a deep breath before finally managing to calm myself and close my eyes. I was just about to drift off to sleep.

Then she hugged me tightly and all the air in my lungs was choked out.

Strength enhancement lvl 6
Stamina enhancement lvl 4 (1 away from level up) 
Dexterity enhancement lvl 5
Agility enhancement lvl 5
Magic enhancement lvl 5 (2 away from level up)

Sword technique lvl 4 (3 away from level up)
Dagger technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Spear technique lvl 2
Mining technique lvl 2
Fishing technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Land working technique lvl 2
Hand to hand fighting technique lvl 2
Smithing technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Cooking technique lvl 2
Tailoring technique lvl 2
Breeding technique lvl 1
Map making technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Harvesting technique lvl 2
Perception technique lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Construction technique lvl 1
Monster evolution technique lvl 2
Recovery technique lvl 1

Earth magic lvl 4 (3 away from level up)
Fire magic lvl 5
Water magic lvl 3 (1 away from level up)
Wind magic lvl 3 (2 away from level up)
Light magic lvl 2
Bestowal magic lvl 2 (1 away from level up)

Appraisal lvl 3 (MAX)
Cultivation lvl 3 (MAX)
Doctor lvl 3 (MAX)
Summoner lvl 3 (MAX)
Monster training lvl 2 (1 away from level up)
Monster taming lvl 2 (1 away from level up)

Surplus skills:
Doctor lvl 1
Appraisal lvl 1


14 thoughts on “Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 16

  1. [ I grinned a bit thinking back to that familiar face.]
    *reader also grins

    […Yes. Goblin queens are only able to feel their passion towards a single individual.”]
    * Goblin slayer stares at you*

    [“So tonight… can we sleep together?”
    “Ah, yeah.”]

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