Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 14

By the time it became night, I finished making at least a bed for each house.

“I never would have thought my life could suddenly get so much better like this.”

“That’s because we can’t do anything other than fight! I never imagined a house like these ones Crest made for us, not having to shiver anymore from drafts!” The werewolves gathered in the centre of the village chatted with each other happily. I’m glad everyone was happy about it.

As I stared into the massive fire in the village centre thinking to myself, the goblin queen and werewolf king came over. With this, all the leading members are gathered.

“Soon we will have the werewolf clan.” Started the werewolf king.

“And the goblin clan’s commemoration party.” Everyone cheered in excitement to the werewolf king and goblin queen’s declaration. Very nice, the two of them seem to be properly collecting political influence.

“Alright Crest, I’d like to ask you to greet everyone.” Me, huh. Well I guess I did play a big part in organizing the alliance. Got no choice.

“…Well, I’m sure everyone knows why we’re gathered here now.” As I spoke, the werewolves looked to me expectantly. “First, it’s time to give everyone names!!”


“Line up over here everyone.” As I instructed, all the werewolves came over one after the other. Then I gave each of them names. …I mean, everyone came up with their own names, so I just gave them that.

Some of them were like ‘I want Crest to choose my name for me’ so that was a bit difficult, but I finished naming them all. Next were the goblin queen and werewolf king.

“Are you ready you two?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Yes… Please go ahead.”

I’ll start with the werewolf king. “…Do you have any name you want?”

“My father was called Orphelle, so I’d like to borrow that and be Orphe. Could I ask for that?” To the werewolf king who was staring straight forward, I nodded back. After I gave Orphe his name, his eyes started tearing up and he bowed deeply. “I’m deeply grateful, Crest! …I will be your sword and drive back any opponent!”

“Yeah!!” Cheered all the werewolves. …I’d rather you accepted it without saying things to hold me up like that though. While thinking that, I looked to the goblin queen.

“…Do you have any name you’d like to have?”

“Livia, if you could. It’s an important word for us goblins.”

“…Okay.” Before I named her, the goblin queen closed her eyes. Then, at the same time I gave her her name, she opened her eyes and showed me a beaming smile across her whole face.

“Thank you very much, my lord.” Livia smiled happily. Once I finished naming everyone, I took a look at their statuses.

Livia (goblin queen) +1
Master: Crest
Strength 133
Stamina 114
Dexterity 182
Agility 145
Magic 209
Intelligence 198
Orphe (werewolf king) +1
Master: Crest
Strength 201
Stamina 163
Dexterity 99
Agility 188
Magic 54
Intelligence 147

Their statuses are pretty high. There’s probably the boost from being named, but they’re pretty much the same level as me. With that the naming ceremony was over.

…I also gathered a lot of attention to myself. Do I also need to say the opening address for the party? I looked at Livia and Orphe. Since they both seemed to be looking forward to it, I reluctantly continued.

“Alright everyone, now we’re all comrades and friends!”


“We might face a plethora of trials in the future. But! As long as we all stand together we can break through all of them!!”


“Well then, let the party begin!” Along with my declaration, everyone let out a particularly loud cheer. …Good grief. Looking out over all their happy faces I made a half smile.

I glanced over to the goblins and werewolves getting soup from the pot before they went to the table. Their meals lined up on the table one after the other, then everyone respectively started their meals without pausing. Things like alcohol would usually be used in times like this for everyone to have even more fun, but we didn’t have any right now.

I have fruit, so maybe I can make some with cooking technique? …Oh yeah, there it is. I had various options like wine, or other fruit liquors. Are there any particular alcohols that monsters are fond of? …If they’ve never had alcohol before then it might be best not to bring it up right away. …It would be a problem if they grew dependent on it after all.

I’ll as Livia and Orphe about it later and see what they think. Everyone partied around for about an hour. I got a little tired after talking so much after such a long time.

After returning to my house, I opened the gacha window.

“…Alright, I’ve earned a bunch.” Monsters that I name, so basically monsters that work for me give me points when they kill things. I had 15000 points, so those probably came from killing giant scissors and mountain kongs. I’ll go ahead and roll the gacha now. I’d like to complete the summoner type skill series after all.

While I was thinking this through, there was a knock at the door.

“It’s open.” As I called out, Livia came in. With a little wave of her hand, the pretty nightwear clad girl came up to me.


TLN: Really hoping Livia doesn’t turn into some king of pun later on, since I can’t imagine how such a common name would be an important word for goblins.

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  1. Leave the girl bro, focus on gacha!
    Livia don’t ruin the gacha moment! TL san has already released a bunch of chapters for the gacha roll. Why are you stalling it more Livia!? You’re overworking him!

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