Trash skill Gacha – Volume 2 Chapter 13

We went back to the goblin village with the werewolves in tow. As expected it was a lot of traveling. Some monsters did come to attack us, but they were pretty easily brought down by ganging up on them as a group.

Like that we got back to the village.

“O, oh… I thought the werewolves were coming for war…” The goblin on watch gave a small sigh. Then our company went inside the village. I checked the current state of the goblin village using map making technique.

…I guess around here should do? After deciding on a goblin district and a werewolf district, I brought the werewolves over.

“I think this would be a good place for the werewolves to live.”

“Oh yeah… alright. So then can we start building our own houses?” Said the werewolf king. Oh, right. I didn’t tell them about my ability.

“It’s fine, I’ll take care of that.”

“No no no, wouldn’t that be hard to pull off alone? Rather we can take care of simple chores like that ourselves.”

“Hmm… I guess you’ll understand if I show you.”

“Show us? What do you mean?” I glanced at some goblins. They nodded back to me before bringing some lumber over.

“This is why we prepared so much lumber.”

“…Preparing lumber? Certainly, that makes it easier to build-” As the werewolf king spoke with his head tilted, I activated my skill.

Construction technique. I’ll start off by building the werewolf king’s house.

The goblin queen, me, and the werewolf king. I built the werewolf king’s house positioned like that next to ours. It was a sizable bungalow around the same size as the goblin queen’s.

I made sure to avoid making them different.

“So yeah, kind of like this.” I said while wiping the sweat off my forehead. The werewolf king’s mouth was flapping open and closed. Not just him though, the other werewolves were doing the same.

“W, wwwwhat the!? You built a house in an instant!?”

“Y, yeah… this is nothing like what the goblins were building before.”

“I can build like this with my skill. Thanks to it, I can make as many houses as I want as long as I have the materials.”

“Oh, I see… that’s incredible. As expected of our chief, Crest.” …No I’m telling you, that’s wrong. Well I can just find the timing later to put that position on the goblin queen or the werewolf king.

The werewolf king folded his arms. “So basically, we just need to bring you the materials and you can build all of us houses then? Do you have enough magic power?”

“Yeah, no problem. I just need timber, and then if you can gather some wool from the fang sheep a little to the south from here, I can make some good beds for you too. That’s pretty much all I’d like you to get.”

“Roger! You all! You heard all that, right? If you don’t want to sleep outside tonight, hurry up and get some lumber!” The werewolf king turned back and yelled to the werewolves, who proceeded to raise their fists into the air. Everyone scattered and left the village.

The goblin queen looked to the goblins. “Okay everyone, please help the werewolves out. Prepare dinner for when they get back!”

“Understood!” After receiving orders from the goblin queen, Darkle took command of the goblins. As I though, the goblin queen and werewolf king are very suited to leading monsters.

In the first place, it’s weird for a human to lead them. I’ll gradually give them my responsibilities until they’ll eventually be fine without me here.

After that I directed them on were to move our remaining lumber and used it to build some houses.

“Werewolf king, I’d like to build it as a bunch of rooms together like an inn, but is there anyone to keep in mind?”

“No, we’re fine. Just do whatever is easiest for you, Crest.”

“Alright.” It’s not really that it’s any easier, but it takes a little less wood to build like that compared to making detached houses. It’s easier for the werewolves more than anything. I’m fine with making them all detached houses. That would just take more space in the village, and a lot more lumber.

As I prepared the houses, the werewolf king and goblin queen stood by my side as if to escort me.

“Leaving me aside, werewolves are pretty large in stature. It would help if you could make them a little bigger.”

“Okay. Oh right, are you considered a different species from the other werewolves, werewolf king?”

“Yeah, that’s right. A small fraction of werewolves end up being born as werewolf kings. Apparently there are also queens like with the goblins, but I’ve never seen one personally.”

“I see then, kind of like with the goblin queen.” The goblin queen nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. Mutated species are sometimes born among monsters. Even though we’re monsters, we still don’t know everything about the subject.”

“…I see.” There were some studies into monster in the upper world, but that didn’t yield that much information. …Not even the monsters know, huh. Doesn’t evolution technique stick a + on their status when they evolve?

“Can you evolve from one species to another?”

“I don’t think so. What do you think, werewolf king?”

“I haven’t heard of anything like that either.”

…I see. So I guess evolution technique can turn an individual into a more unique existence within a species or something like that. I prepared the werewolves’ houses while pondering the topic.


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  1. Damn it updated while i was reading last chap, wild. Speaking of werewolf queen, i bet the rival werewolf tribe is gonna have someone able to become said queen after being named, so a future kemonomimi harem member?

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  2. All hail the power of dopamine! Thanks for popping out chapters like crazy. It’s been bugging me too not seeing gacha come out… we need it to fuel our addiction.

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